Tekken 7 PC Performance Affected By Denuvo, Says Game Director

When it comes to protecting PC games from being pirated the developers nowadays look towards the Denuvo DRM, however, the general perception.

When it comes to protecting PC games from being pirated, the developers nowadays look towards the Denuvo DRM, however, the general perception about the Denuvo DRM is that it affects the game’s performance on PC and according to Tekken 7 game director, that is true.

Katsuhiro Harada is the producer and game director for Tekken and recently, he took it to Twitter to explains the FPS drop during some combos or hits in-game.

According to Katsuhiro Harada, he is aware of the frame rate drops in the game during some combos like the Akuma’s “Shakunetsu Hadouken”. He noted in the Tweet that the problem is not related to GPU or CPU but the reason behind the FPS drops is Denuvo and assured that it will be fixed soon.

Problem occurred in “TEKKEN7 for PC”. that the frame rate drops when hits such as Akuma’s “Shakunetsu Hadouken”.
Since it’s not a problem of graphics & CPU processing, it will not solve even if changing PC setting (problem with encryption program).
We’ll fix Soon. Sorry Plz wait.

Tekken 7 might not be the only game that is affected by the DRM as reportedly Assassin’s Creed Origins uses two DRMs namely Denuvo and VMProtect which causes the game to use 100% of the CPU and which in turn affects the performance.

However, Ubisoft has assured that the 100% CPU usage is not because of the implemented DRMs but because of the “living, systemic and majestic open world of Ancient Egypt”.

We’re confirming that the anti-tamper solutions implemented in the Windows PC version of Assassin’s Creed Origins have no perceptible effect on game performance.

Also, it is not clear what Harada means by fixing this issue as the studio might just remove the Denuvo from the equation to improve the game’s performance on PC or could be rolling out fixes to improve performance while keeping Denuvo intact.

What do you think of the DRM affecting the game’s performance? Do you think the DRM causes the game’s performance to drop? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Twitter

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