How To Get Sturdy Thick Stick In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

The Sturdy Thick Stick is a wonderful base for fused weapons as it provides additional durability in Zelda: TotK.

The Sturdy Thick Stick is a two-handed weapon in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that will remind you a lot of the Boko Club that you used to get in the previous iteration of the game.

The Sturdy Thick Stick has a passive ability, which makes it extra durable. This solid stick can also be fused with many weapons to form more than 70 combinations.

Due to its durability factor, this weapon can serve you well if you are planning on fusing it with other items in Zelda: TotK.

Sturdy Thick Stick Locations

The Sturdy Thick Stick is one of those weapons you will most likely find by accident in the game.

The first thing to note is that Evermeans have a good chance of dropping a Sturdy Thick Stick upon death. These shape-shifting enemies have taken a liking to trees, going as far as appearing like one. They will only drop their disguise to attack you when you turn your back.

As things stand, finding Evermeans will require a lot of exploration. An enemy camp south of Hyrule Bridge has at least two Evermeans. You can kill them to get the Sturdy Thick Stick if lady luck is by your side.


You can also visit tree grooves or apple orchids to find a lot of Evermeans’ enemies.

Moving on from Evermeans, you can find the Sturdy Thick Stick in locked chests that are scattered across the map. You will be surprised to know that finding a Sturdy Thick Stick is common in the Hyrule Field and Gerudo Desert regions in Tears of the Kingdom.

Sturdy Thick Stick Stats

Sturdy Thick Stick has a passive ability, Extra Durable, which makes it ideal as a base for powerful fused weapons. You can attach any rare monster parts like Silver Boss Bokoblin Horn or Diamonds to increase its attack power and durability massively.

  • Weapon Type: Blunt Edge (dual-handed)
  • Base damage: 7
  • Passive Ability: Extra Durable (doesn’t break easily when used against enemies or breakable objects)
  • Hyrule Compendium Number: 399
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