The Gathering Pirates – Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Defeat the pirates gathering around towns to let residents of Hyrule have a sigh of relief.

Gathering Pirates is another Akkala-based side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, where you will be pitted against hordes of monsters to take them down. As you complete a few Proving Grounds Shrines, you will encounter an NPC named Aya who wants you to test your abilities to defeat some Bokoblin pirates who have been terrorizing northern Akkala Beach.

Defeating all enemies during the quest will net you 2x Pony Points and 1x Endura Carrot. If you are interested in acquiring these rewards, then we have prepared this guide for you, which will help you find out how to complete the Gathering Pirates side quest in Zelda: TotK.

Talk to Aya at East Akkala Stable

To begin the Gathering Pirates, you must have started the Main Quest called “Regional Phenomena.”

The East Akkala Stable can be found in the Northeastern part of Hyrule’s map. It is to the Northeast of the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower. Its exact coordinates on the map are (4242, 2724, 0126).

Once you have reached the marked location, you will find Aya standing at the center with her Broom. Talk to her, and she will assign you the Gathering Pirates quest, where you must defeat all pirates nearby.

Defeat the Monsters in Pirate Ships

As you reach North Akkala Beach, you will find three pirate ships, with each ship having enemies such as Bokoblins, Moblins, Aerocudas, and Boss Bokoblins to defeat. Start by gliding onto one ship and using your Bow to defeat all the enemies on the first ship before moving to the next one.


Fuse some powerful weapons to survive the enemies’ onslaught.

It is recommended that you land on the ship’s masts since they net you bombs, which you can use to blow away the enemies on the deck. Furthermore, focus on a single enemy instead of taking on multiple enemies. The latter will make this fight a bit harder.

Once you have cleared one ship, fly over to the next one and use the same method of explosives to kill all the enemies, especially Aerocudas.

As you defeat all pirates on each ship, head up to one of the masts to loot the Treasure Chest above with 1x Blue Hinox Hammer inside.

After looting the chest, head back to the East Akkala Stable and talk to Aya to complete the Gathering Pirates quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Quest Rewards

Aya will give you 2x Pony Points and 1x Endura Carrot as a reward for clearing the area of pirate monsters.

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