Team Is Working on Xbox One Music App For Background Music

A team led by Mike Ybarra is apparently working on an Xbox One music app that will allow Xbox One players to play their music without having to snap.

A team that’s part of the Xbox group is going to be publishing a Xbox One music app that plays off of USB sticks, once again allowing you to play your own music over games, instead of listening to the native soundtrack. The same function had previously been available for the Xbox 360, but had not been included with the Xbox One.

The reveal about the Xbox One music app came from Mike Ybarra, who had also worked on the Xbox One update that introduced background music, Cortana, Universal Windows Platform apps, and more to the console.

Moreover, you can now make your own Universal Windows Platform apps and put them on Xbox One so you can make your own apps much like the music-sharing one.

While this isn’t necessarily something like the Xbox Live Indie Games that the 360 had (which had way too many bad indie games on it anyway), maybe that’s for the best. Ybarra revealed the production of the app on his Twitter.

The Xbox One music app being developed right now is actually one of the many different kinds of apps that you can create with the UWP app maker, so if any of the ones that are currently available aren’t to your liking right now, you can make your own map and put it up on the Xbox Store, similar to the App Store that Apple has, and the ability to make your own Xbox app would likely result in some really cool ideas, whether for various Xbox functions, or for more music.

We’ve got no real idea of when the Xbox One music app will be released. In the meantime, you’ll have to deal with snapping your screen in order to listen to the stuff, or play it on your stereo while having the game’s original sound way down. Hopefully, Ybarra and his team will finish the app soon so that people can download it.

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