Team Fortress 2 Event, Tip of the Hats 2015, Gets Promo Video

Team Fortress 2 community is great, these guys have been donating for charitable causes since two years and now the annual charity event is back. Tip of the Hats 2015, as it is being called, will be aimed at raising money for One Step at a Time Charity where it will be donated for Children’s Oncology Services Inc.

A new promo video was released for the Team Fortress 2 event which is going to be streamed on September 19 to go on until midnight on Monday.

You can watch the event to see iconic players playing or buy Team Fortress 2 themed quilts, T-shirts, Unusual grade weapons, Australian Pan and an iBUYPOWER gaming PC!

Check out the video above and see if you will be donating.

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