Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Giganto Monsters Locations Guide

The world of Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition is filled with perils at around every corner. One such trouble that you’ll be encountering quite often is the Giganto Monsters which, when put down, will earn you a big deal of rewards.

In our ToV Giganto Monsters Locations Guide, we’ll be sharing details of the encountered Giganto Monsters including their location and the goodies you can expect to pick up on eliminating them.

Tales of Vesperia Giganto Monsters Locations

Giganto Monsters are special hostile creatures in Tales of Vesperia. Although these are rare and spawn at random times, the locations are fixed so you might have to visit a designated place more than once if you want to find a Giganto Monster.

The reward speaks for itself as upon elimination of such a beast. You’re able to get your hands on large amounts of XP, rare material drops and Gald.

The materials dropped can be later used to craft excellent pieces of armor, weapons, and other equipment. It should be noted that defeating all the Giganto Monsters on the map allow you to unlock the bonus Costume Title for Karol.

The Monster Book itself is obtained when you meet Karol in Quoi Woods during one of the earlier optional quests. After defeating a Giganto Monster successfully, their entry is noted in the book so the monsters below are listed accordingly as well.

1. Hermit Drill

Location: Weasand of Cados

You get Great Crab Shell, 10,000 XP, and 8,000 Gald for defeating this Level 34 monster.

2. Medusa Butterfly

Location: Sands of Kogorh

You get Dragon Powder, 14,000 XP, and 9,500 Gald for defeating this Level 35 monster.

3. Pterobronc

Location: Mt. Temza

Defeating this Level 49 monster rewards you with Great Raptor Beak, 12,000 XP, and 14,000 Gald.

4. Brutal

Location: Peyoccia Plains, Southern Trails, towards the Northern Exit of Deidon Hold

Defeating this Level 55 monster rewards you with Long Horn, 15,000 XP, and 15,000 Gald.

5. Poseidon

Location: Head to Zaude after Yeager Fight

Upon defeating this Level 55 monster rewards you with Rare Metal, 12,000 XP, and 15,000 Gald.

6. Brucis

Location: Egothor Forest

You get Bull Wing, 15,000 XP, and 20,000 Gald for defeating this Level 62 monster.

7. Chimera Butterfly

Location: Quoi Woods. You’ll Require Sorcerer Ring of Level 4 to Battle the Monster.

You get Dragon Powder, Mélange Gel, 16,000 XP, and 8,000 XP for defeating this Level 50 monster.

8. Fenfir

Location: Erealumen Crystallands

You get Great Wolf Fang, 10,000 XP, and 18,000 Gald for defeating this Level 58 monster.

9. Griffin

Location: Northeastern Yurzorea, east of Yumanju Spa

You get Griffin Claw, Yurzo Crystal, 15,000 XP, and 7,500 Gald for defeating this Level 59 monster.

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