Tales of Berseria Mystic Artes Guide

In our Tales of Berseria Mystic Artes Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about unleashing these powerful attacks. Mystic Artes in ToB are super-powerful attacks that are accompanied with spectacular animations and devastating damage.

The game puts a huge emphasis on the usage of the Mystic Artes which is why there is ‘Witness to the Mystic’ Trophy that requires you see all available Mystic Artes in the game.

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Tales of Berseria Mystic Artes

Each character in your party has 3 Mystic Artes in addition to 3 special Mystic Artes which require two members. Each character’s first Mystic Arte is automatically unlocked during the course of the story.

The second Mystic Arte is unlocked at Character Level 35 for each individual character. The final Mystic Arte is unlocked in the game’s final dungeon. What you basically need to do is to find a colored orb, take it to its corresponding orb, and defeat the optional boss inside.

As for the three special Mystic Artes, they are unlocked by defeating the bosses on 2nd, 4th, and 6th floor of the game’s bonus dungeon.

Boss Mystic Artes

Not only you, but the game’s bosses will also use Mystic Artes during the battle. While you can defeat them all without them using their Mystic Artes, you need to witness them in order to platinum the game.

  • Oscar – Beild Swamps
  • Aifreed – Beild Swamps
  • Teresa – Beild Swamps
  • Artorius – Final Dungeon
  • Shigure – Kiraraus Volcano
  • Shigure – Kadniks Harbour
  • Kanonushi – Final Dungeon
  • Melchior – Kiraraus Volcano
  • Artorius – The Empyrean’s Throne
  • Armatasized Artorius – Final Dungeon

In addition to the game’s main bosses, there are Mystic Artes used by the game’s side bosses as well. Once again, if you wish to Platinum the game, you need to witness all the Mystic Artes used by these side-bosses:

  • Jude – Yseult
  • Phoenix – Titania
  • Milla – Figahl Icecaps
  • Zaveid – Gaiburk Icelands
  • Dark Turtlez – Katz Village
  • Jude and Milla – Normin Isle

Using Mystic Artes

The first thing you need to know about using Mystic Artes is that it requires at least 3 Blast Gauge stacks. It goes without saying that Blast Gauge is essentially earned by taking/dealing damage during a battle.

Once you’ve enough Blast Gauge, simply hit the L2 trigger during a combo to unleash a successful Mystic Arte attack.

Using Switch Blasts

This is another powerful attack that basically allows you to swap another character. Every newly swapped character enters the battle with an immensely powerful attack and an extra soul.

This is something you need to try and perform on a frequent basis. It’ll not only allow you to deal some quick damage to your opponents, but also get a moment of respite for your injured characters.

Since there’s a lot going on in the game, try to utilize everything possible at your disposal. As mentioned earlier, every character in the game enters the fray with a Switch Blast. Here’s a brief summary of them:

  • Eleanor – Break Roll
  • Velvet – Grievous Slash
  • Laphicet – Seer’s Storm
  • Eizen – Road of Survival
  • Rokurou – Eluding Strike
  • Magilou – Magilou’s Paradise

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