Tales of Arise The Mysterious Pair Walkthrough

The Mysterious Pair is a side quest in Tales of Arise and in this quest, you will have to solve 3 riddles given to you by Wonder Bard. In this guide, we have the complete walkthrough of The Mysterious Pair sub quest for you.

Tales of Arise The Mysterious Pair

To start The Mysterious Pair, go and talk to Wonder Bard who is located in Niez, Mahag Saar region.

However, in order to start this subquest, you will first need to have completed the A Healer and Her Patients quest for Shionne, which is given to you during one of the story missions.

After talking to Wonder Bard and accepting the quest, your objective will be to solve a riddle in order to find the secret instrument. Wonder Bard will give you 3 hints as well, called Wonder Texts, which can be viewed using the items menu.

The three Wonder Texts will provide you different clues, pointing towards the location of the Instrument.

Head to Iglia Wastes in Calaglia and then head to the North part of the area. Refer to the image below to get an idea of where exactly to go.

North of Iglia Wastes

There, you will find a shining item in some bushes. Interact and examine it to recover the Iron Pipe legendary instrument. Head back to Wonder Bard and hand him over the instrument to complete the mission.

You will receive 2300 Gald, 15 SP and Quivering Candles as a reward for completing the Mysterious Pair side quest.

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