Tales of Arise Rescuing Zephyr Walkthrough

In this guide, we'll be showing you how to complete the Tales of Arise Rescuing Zephyr Quest with details on each objective

We’ll show you how to complete the Rescuing Zephyr quest in Tales of Arise. This guide includes a detailed list of all quest objectives, items, and any enemies you may encounter.

Tales of Arise Rescuing Zephyr

To start off, you must travel to the Cysloden Central Plaza to progress with the Rescuing Zephyr quest. There, you must locate and rescue Zephyr.

In order to save him, you need to infiltrate Riville’s prison tower and defeat all enemies.

Cysloden Central Plaza

To begin the rescue mission, proceed to Fountain Plaza Avenue. After that, move ahead to Central Plaza Avenue.

As you approach Central Plaza Avenue, you will encounter Ice Wolf Leader and a few other foes. They will hinder your efforts to save Zephyr.

To move forward, fight and eliminate all of them. A few cutscenes will be triggered as you defeat all of the enemies. And you’ll arrive at Cysloden Central Plaza.

Finding Zephyr

Make your way from Central Plaza to Riville Prison Tower. As you attempt to break into the tower, several guards will stand in your way, so proceed with caution.

Zephyr’s execution will be taking place when you arrive. Law will assist you in saving Zephyr.

Rescuing Zephyr

In order to save Zephyr, Law will intervene in the execution. You must assist him in order to save Zephyr’s life. Zephyr will be injured as Law tries to save him.

And then the fight will begin. This will be a difficult fight, so prepare accordingly. Because the fight is difficult, we recommend using the Mystic Arts to defeat the enemies.

After defeating the enemies, you must fall back to Bregon’s hideout in the Alley to save Zephyr’s life. The mission will be completed at this point.

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