Tales of Arise Procella Sylph Boss Guide

In this Tales of Arise Procella Sylph Boss guide, we will tell you how to bring down this avian boss and earn a trophy in the process.

In Tales of Arise, you will have to face off against many different bosses throughout the game. One of these bosses is Procella Sylph. You will have to fight him during the ‘Farewell, Mage’ Sub-quest. In this Tales of Arise Procella Sylph Boss guide, we will tell you how to bring down this avian boss and earn a trophy in the process.

Tales of Arise Procella Sylph Boss

In order to start this quest, head to Aqfolte Hills in Mahag Saar, Niez and talk to the Old Man at the exit there to obtain this quest.

However, if you have not completed any quest in Niez, you will have to finish them first. Also, you will need to finish the ‘Echoes’ quest first from the Old Man as well in order to be able to start this sub-quest.

After obtaining the quest, make your way to Mount Dhiara. There, head to the Ridge and then enter Tower of the Wind Spirit. On top of the tower, you will have to face off against the Procella Sylph boss.

Sylph is also one of the Five Lights from the Wedge, which are 5 boss monsters to emerge from the wedge.


  • Attack: 3407
  • Elemental Attack: 3748
  • Penetration: 3639
  • Defense: 1616
  • Elemental Defense: 1886
  • Resistance: 3831

How to Defeat Procella Sylph

Procella Sylpha is a level 70 boss who will also be accompanied by 4 level-66 Sylph Feather companions. First, you will have to take out the companions. You will start attacking your team when you arrive at the top of the tower.

To defeat these companions, use different team combos on them to drain out their HP. Focus on one of them at a time, which will make it much easier to finish them off quickly.

Once you deal with the companions, you will then be attacked by the boss himself, Procella Sylph.

The boss has multiple different attacks up his sleeve. In one of his attacks, he will fire a beam from his eyes which will spawn minion enemies from beneath, which will attack your team. Quickly deal with them using your attacks.

One of his attacks is Meteor Storm, in which fiery rocks will rain upon your team from above. Make sure to dodge them in order to not get hurt. Another attack of his is a beam which he will fire at you from his mouth.

After the fight begins, he will spawn a Sylph Zloa from his body which will have really high HP.

The boss is weak to Earth-type damage and attacks. Attacking him from the front could prove deadly, as most of his attacks come from that angle, instead try to get behind.

His weak point is on his chest. Only attack the core when the boss is knocked down, that’s the safest time to get hits in directly.

Another good opportunity presents itself when the boss is flying leaving its belly exposed to attacks, Rinwell’s boost attack could help you knock the boss down

Keep hitting him with different attacks to deal damage. The best way will be to perform different combos with your teammates that have high damage.

In the end, a short cutscene will play in which your whole team will attack the boss. Follow the prompts on the screen to perform different attacks and defeat the boss.

Defeating Procella Sylph will award you with the ‘Billowing Cyclone’ Trophy.

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