Tales of Arise Bibliophile Walkthrough

In Tales of Arise, you will come across a quest going by the name of Bibliophile. Tigrina, the Librarian of Auteliana Palace will issue it to you so, here is a quick walkthrough of all the things you need to do in order to complete her request in Tales of Arise!

Tales of Arise Bibliophile

Before you set out on this journey make sure you have completed the prerequisite story arc of Menancia, where Lord Dohalim joins your party, otherwise you won’t be able to find Tigrina in the Library.

How to Get Rare Books in Tales of Arise

To find Tigrina, you need to travel to the region of Menancia then enter the Auteliana Palace.

The exact location of the Palace Library will be found on the first floor, the name of the room will hover on the screen when you approach a door so don’t worry if you get lost.

Moving on, enter the colorful doors to find a lone brunette wearing a green dress by the bookshelves around the back.

Tigrina will express her fascination with rare books thus opening up the quest Bibliophile to you.

To simplify the requirements, equip the rare books in question and interact with her to collect your rewards therein, how do we get all the books in question?

Conveniently, you will have the ‘Secrets of the Stars’ book from the start because of Rinwell’s presence in your party. It’s her starting weapon so, just interact with Tigrina and show her the book to attain x5 Happy Bottle(s) as a reward.

For the other books, you need to craft them and for that reason, you need to speak to a Merchant. To find him, open up the map to display Traslida Highway then fast travel to the following waypoint as shown in the image.

Tales of Arise Bibliophile Rarest Book


Speak to the Merchant by the tree and select the option to create a Forged Weapon. You will need to create the following books with their respective ingredients.

Do keep in mind that some plans will unlock as you progress through the story with the rarest book ‘Heavenly Gaze’ being unlocked in the Final Story region.

Book Name Crafting Price Ingredients Rewards
Nature’s Beauty 1600 Gald Bizarre Megacore x4 Earth Stone x1 Titanium Vambrace x1 X1 Rosemary
Taming Water 890 Gald Strange Core x8 Astral Crystal   Fragment x2 X1 Magic Emblem
Radiant Gaze 1440 Gald Bizarre Megacore x6 Clam Tentacle x2 X1 Red Rosemary
Heavenly Gaze 19,580 Gald Mystical Luminacore x6 Ominous Eyeball x2 Incendiary Scale x2 X1 Elder Cloak


Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the Bibliophile quest of Tales of Arise. After showing the excited Librarian all of the books, she will reward you with 3100 Gald, 185 SP and a Pancake Recipe.

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