Tale of Arise Lord Dohalim il Qiras Boss Guide

In this Tales of Arise guide, we’ll be discussing how you can defeat Lord Dohalim il Qiras and win the boss fight easily by outlining effective strategy.

You’ll be having the Lord Dohalim il Qiras Boss fight at underground lake Razum Quarry.  In this Tales of Arise guide, we’ll be discussing how you can defeat Lord Dohalim il Qiras and win the boss fight easily by outlining effective strategies and tips you can use.

Tale of Arise Lord Dohalim il Qiras Boss

An extensive story cutscene sets the stakes and stage for the fight against Lord Dohalim before the real action begins.

The Lord Dohalim il Qiras Boss fight is your seventh boss fight in Tales of Arise’s storyline.

You’ve probably experienced enough fights to understand the flow of combat by now. However, each boss fight demands a little variation in strategy; Lord Dohalim is no Exception.

Dohalim fights with a rod; His fighting style is centered on spinning with several variations with great expertise. Dohalim’s basic attacks are also very damaging. But when he attacks using his Rods, it is really devastating and difficult to handle.

Dohalim’s Attacks

Your first priority should be to dodge and block his attacks. Dohalim is vulnerable when he is resting catching his breath.

After unleashing multiple attacks on you and your comrades, he slumps his shoulders and appears to “rest”. You can take advantage of this moment by attacking with everything you got. This is apparently his only major weakness so far.

Rod twirls attacks are devasting. Dohalim uses his rod to attack you, hitting you multiple times. Just stay alert so you can minimize its damage.

Another thing which you need to be aware of is charge attacks. Dohalim will be able to charge at you, which will result in an instant K.O. you or drastically reduce your HP.

You can use Kisara here. Use her “guard” to mitigate Dohalim’s attacks. You may be able to stop his Charge Attacks by performing a perfect block as soon as he approaches her.

Dohalim can do another attack quite similar to its Charge Attack. This attack raises rock chunks from the ground, which he then allows to fall to the ground.

After all of the others have fallen, a larger rock will fall in front of him, instantly killing any party member standing there or nearby. Dohalim performs this attack repeatedly as he approaches the end portions of his health.

Team and strategy

Bringing down Dohalim needs strategy and teamwork. There are four party members Kisara, Shionne, Alphen and Law. Kisara can play a key role in this fight.

As we mentioned earlier how you can use Kisara to block charge attacks. She can be the best defender on your team. Use her guardian field, it creates a smaller circle that can heal your allies. It is also less expensive in terms of CP.

Shionne can be useful as she has range attacks. She can aid the team while maintaining a safe distance. She can jump directly into the fight when other members’ health status becoming an issue. Using her skill smartly can make a real difference in the fight.

Alphen’s constant and boost attacks can cause damage. If hit right, they can make Dohalim rest, providing the opportunity to attack. Law can act as a catalyst in this fight and help Kisara and Alphen. It is best to use Kisara and Alphen mostly in the fight.

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