It Takes Almost 50 Hours to Platinum Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is a PlayStation 4 exclusive that is will release in just a few days. However, some copies are already out in the wild in the hands of some lucky users.

According to one of the players who got his hands on an early copy, it takes 47 hours to platinum Horizon Zero Dawn. Guerilla Games’ latest title is a massive open world RPG. The main campaign takes 14 to 16 hours to complete, we also side quests, collectibles, and much more to do.

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No wonder it takes such a long time to platinum Horizon Zero Dawn.

I myself was among the lucky few to get a copy early and have already played the game. In my review, I detailed how the game’s combat, exploration, and story stands as the best Guerilla Games has ever produced.

Horizon Zero Dawn as of now is the best looking PlayStation 4 game. Its beauty is only enhanced to a new level if you are using the PlayStation 4 Pro. From the lush green forest to the snowy mountains, Zero Dawn’s graphics and art will often leave you in awe.

However you see Horizon Zero Dawn, it is a Masterpiece, a marvel of a video game that showcases the immense talent of the developers and delivers a compelling story with well-crafted gameplay mechanics in an immersive environment full of awe-inspiring moments.

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Horizon Zero Dawn is releasing on PlayStation 4 on February 28. You can grab a copy from PlayStation Store or a retail version from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, or GameStop.

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