Take-Two Renews Agent Trademark, Game Apparently Still Being Worked On

Take Two has renewed the Agent trademark, so the game is likely still being worked on despite a lack of news for many years now.

Take-Two Studios, the subsidiary of Rockstar Studios that are the developers of games like LA Noire, Red Dead Redemption, and Grand Theft Auto, has renewed the Agent trademark, keeping it under their control for as long as the copyright lasts. So, development of Agent may be finally proceeding.

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Agent is a stealth action game under the development of Rockstar North, and was first announced at E3 of 2009, though nothing about it has really come up since then. Set during the Cold War, Agent takes players into the spy network between the Soviet Union and NATO, the world of spying, counter-spying, and intelligence-gathering.

Take-Two renewing the Agent trademark shows that they apparently have no intention of abandoning the IP yet, but we haven’t gotten any sort of update on it for a long time, so whether or not they’ll be showing us anything anytime soon remains to be seen. The game had previously had its trademark renewed back in 2014, and there were rumors that it would even be coming to E3 2016, however that apparently didn’t happen.

The trademark will be lasting for around three and a half years, so Take Two and Rockstar North will have a good bit more time before they have to renew the trademark again. Hopefully the extra time will allow both studios to develop the game and actually, maybe, release it at some point after nearly a decade of the game being “in development.”

Considering that Rockstar has been making a lot of highly reviewed games lately, ranging from Grand Theft Auto 5 to Red Dead Redemption (which was popular enough to finally get a sequel as announced back in October), hopefully when Agent finally does come out it’ll be just as highly reviewed as the other games that they’ve released. Agent currently has no release date, but with the Agent trademark still under Take Two’s control hopefully we’ll get news soon.

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