System Shock 3 Confirmed by Otherside, ex-Looking Glass Devs

System Shock 3 has been confirmed by developers who made the previous games in the series but under Otherside Entertainment.

We are looking at the revival of a classic series for the PC platform! System Shock 3 has been confirmed.

The game is being developed by Otherside Entertainment, which is the game development studio of Paul Neurath, the same guy who founded Looking Glass Studios i.e. the guys who originally launched the System Shock series.

So now, more than 15 years after the last game in the series came out, we know that System Shock 3 is being developed by, hopefully the same guys who made the last ones.

Otherside Entertainment was founded last year by Neurath, and the first game they took up was yet another cult classic revival i.e. a sequel to 90’s Ultima Underworld in the form of Underworld Ascendant.

However, it is a good thing they are not staying at just that.

While the only thing that they have shared with us regarding System Shock 3 is a teaser page on their official website suggesting it is indeed being developed, we expect them to give more details.

The last two games in the series were PC only titles that were released to OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows so one would expect this one to follow their lead. However, it could also turn out to have a console version since they are the mainstream these days.

System Shock 2 originally came out in August 1999 although Linux and OS X versions were released as late as last year. In fact, an Enhanced Edition for the original title was released to PC in September this year too, suggesting that the game will get at least a sequel.

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