Syberia 3 Achievements Guide – How To Get 100% Achievements

Syberia 3 Achievements Guide will help you with all the achievements in the Syberia 3 so you can 100% the game without any problem. Like all games, Syberia 3 also has achievements that can be earned by simply playing the game and the ones that can be missed easily because for them you will have to perform certain actions.

This guide will help you with all the achievements there are in the Syberia 3, so you can complete the game and earn all the achievements there are. However, before we begin a SPOILER WARNING is in order, as obviously there are spoilers for the game.

Syberia 3 Achievements Guide

The following achievements are the ones that you will have to perform certain actions to earn them and are quite easy to be missed by players.

Time to collect your thoughts
Listen to Kate’s thoughts while having a conversation with her.

One flew over the nut-job’s nest
Don’t lie or even tell a half truth during the interview.

You call that cheating…?
Get 15 points on interest in items in your inventory. Keep inspecting items to find clickable points.

Friends for life
Befriend with two of the clinic’s old hands. Talk to two guys playing chess in the ward and get them to help you with the key once you find out that it does not work.

A little tenderness, maybe…?
Tell any one of your traveling companions that how much you like them and you have to tell them three times. This achievement spans through the entire game, all you have to do is pet a certain ostrich three times throughout the game. The first time you will get the chance to pet it when you arrive in the big hut with the market.

The second time you will have to chance to pet the ostrich is when you return to the hut at night after the Yukols packed the goods. The third time you will get to pet will be late in the game at the Yukol camp.

The scriptwriter’s nightmare
To get this achievement perform 5 optional actions that influence your progress. For this achievement, you will firstly have to do is read Captains diary before trying to convince him, restore the electricity to the park before being asked to, know about the Olympic shot-out champion by reading the photo diary in the metro before speaking to her and finally talk to Kurk about bribing the watchman before talking to the watchman.

For this achievement in Syberia 3, find out about the region’s dark past. Just read the Read Obo’s journal before going to Steiner, you will find it at the top level of the ship, on a table.

Crime and punishment
To get this achievement in Syberia 3 you will have to convince a lost soul to seek redemption by helping you on your first try. To get this all you have to do is convince Obo on the first try.

First conversation [Hedge], [Push], [Argue] doesn’t count, only the one after him sobering up. Make sure to read his diary located on the top level of the ship before. Order is [Coax]>Valsembor needs you>I offer redemption (read the logbook first)

During a conversation use an irrefutable argument that you discovered through exploring. For this achievement, read the Obo’s journal that you will find it at the top level of the ship, on a table. This will let you choose “I offer redemption” while talking to him.

A word to the wise
While solving a puzzle, find hat is needed to solve it in your first try. During the Coal puzzle, before you use the cart take the pipe near the box and start hitting all coal chutes until you find the full one.

Master locksmith
Make a perfect duplicate in your first try while solving a puzzle. For this achievement in Syberia 3, when you duplicate the ship key, set the machine to 200%.

Get your old reflexes back in Syberia 3 to make an elected official give in. For this achievement, convince the mayor then leave with the yukols and think of elections.

Brave… in good time!
Get the moral support of an elected official. The mayor will approach you at night on your way to the funicular, just make sure to take the path hat goes by the mayor’s house to get this achievement.

For this achievement is Syberia 3 convince the clinic staff that you are right. After you see Olga in her office for the first time plotting against you with the Colonel, speak to Dr. Zamiatine but he will not believe your accusations.

Then during the infiltration part of the Clinic, go to the Zamiatine’s office after you have distracted the soldiers.

Ice breaker
Star the mechanism that you are asked to without stalling a single time while solving a puzzle. You need to go to gear 1 and pull the lever, the icebreaker will start, then switch to gear 3 and the icebreaker will accelerate then quickly switch to gear 2. DO not let go of the click while you change gears.

I am Legend
See beneath the surface to convince the survivor to help you. All you have to do is convince the survivor from Baranour, Katerina. Just make sure that you read the photo album before leaving, then just be nice to impress her. Firstly, pardon her, then Introduce yourself and then talk about the photo album.

Available brainwidth
To get this achievement you will have to preserve cultural integrity of an ally. As you return to the metro in search of clothes, on your way to the surface you will meet Kurk just speak with him.

Tripping: Receive an old friend’s thanks by helping him or her before they even ask you. To get this achievement in Syberia 3, restore power to the park before being asked to. Just connect the ship to the power lines and start the engines before you speak with Oscar as he sits in the driver seat.

Raiders of the lost temple
To get this achievement in Syberia 3, open the doors of a ruin with fewer than 20 manipulations while solving a puzzle. Just solve the RGB beam puzzle in less than 20 moves.

Mobile communication
Use a strange machine without putting out the fire you lit before while solving a puzzle. Just do as the name says.

The above achievements were the ones that you could have missed while playing the game. However, the following achievements are the ones that you can earn just by playing the game.

  • Respect for protocol
  • No time to lose!
  • The castle
  • Steiner family
  • Mechanical awakening
  • 20,000 leagues under the lake
  • Colonel, are you receiving me? Over
  • The long goodbye
  • We’re going to need a bigger boat
  • XZ2000… 2.0
  • The Community of the ostrich
  • I is somebody else
  • Anything goes
  • What counts is not the destination
  • This sure ain’t Kansas

That is all for our Syberia 3 Achievements Guide with tips on how to earn these achievements do you can 100% your game.

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