SWTOR Vanguard Build and Spec Guide

Find out the best builds for SWTOR Trooper Vanguard skill trees for PVP and PVE.

Here we are again with yet another Star Wars: The Old Republic guide. This time I’ll be detailing SWTOR Vanguard Build and Specs.

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SWTOR Vanguard Build and Spec

The Utilities that make up a Vanguard build are divided into three tiers namely Skillful, Masterful, and Heroic. You will have a total of 9 utility points to allocate to the best of your knowledge. We will be seeing what abilities you can use in each tier to get the best Commando on the field.

Here are the abilities we recommend you to pick for your Vanguard build.

Skillful Utilities

Iron Will – Reduce Tenacity’s cooldown by 30 seconds and the cooldown of Hold the Line by 10 seconds. Hold the Line is an important skill, and having it available readily is a plus one.

Parallactic Combat Stims – Recharge 20 energy cells if stunned, knocked down, immobilized or incapacitated. Your tech abilities will also deal 10% extra damage or healing if you choose. You can hit the enemy back with their own damage.

Reflective Armor – Deal elemental damage to attacker if your attacker is within 10 meters; under the condition that Into the Fray is activated. Do not skip over this ability, you are essentially dishing out damage for tanking AoE hits, pretty useful for PvE scenarios.


Battlefield Training – Increase your movement speed by 15%. Mobility is always good. That extra movement can be the deciding factor for your survival during fast paced battles.

Electro Shield – Your Reactive Shield will charge with electricity which will zap attackers for elemental damage if they deal damage to you. Occurs once each second. Do not skip out on this, as it will give you additional free DPS when you put on the Reactive Shield.

Sonic Rebounder – Protect friendlies from AoE, and reflect the next attack back to the attacker. You are not protected from the AoE only friendlies are. A pretty good support ability for protecting your teammates from annoying damage.


Charge the Line – Hold the Line increases movement speed by 45% when active. The added mobility can really help to maneuver your way through fights, and thus gain the upper hand.

Power Focus – Power Yield damage increase by 2% if attacked while Ion Gas Cylinder is being used; also refresh its duration when attacked while Ion Gas Cylinder is not being used. A pretty cheeky way to continuously spam Power Yield in battle.

Advance the Line – Increase duration of Hold the Line by 4 seconds. Team this up with Charge the Line and you’re Sonic for 4 extra seconds.

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