SWTOR Star Ships and Vehicle Mounts Guide

Find out which Star Ships should you choose to dominate the galaxy in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

How can you expect to proceed in The Old Republic without your ship? To find the secrets of the galaxy and sold the galaxy problems, you will get a Star Ship as part of the main quest.

If you are playing as an imperial, you will get a starship at the end of Dromund Kaas while being a Republican you can own a ship after Coruscant storyline. Depending upon the class you choose, you have following ships to consider:

BT-7 Thunderclap – Trooper
BT-7 is equipped with heavy armor plating and heavy laser canons. The largest ship in the Republic has a modular shield to resist enemy fire.

Ship’s design is such that it can deflect enemy’s blaster fire to save the crucial components of the ship.

Inside, there is a small tech world residing which includes the main deck, command center, breifing room and medical bay etc.

D5-Mantis – Bounty Hunter
If BT-7 is the biggest ship in the imperial, D5-Mantis is the most expensive starship in the galaxy. Why it is so expensive? It’s destructive design earns it the title of “built for kill”.

Although the ship seems be out of space inside but the engineers can utilize the vertical space to keep the technical stuff going.

It’s quite a rare ship so if you come by one and have sufficient cash in deposit, don’t miss the opportunity. Beware though, you can end up having a hefty bounty on your head.

Defender – Jedi Knight/Consular
As the name suggests, the ship has been forged for the use of Jedi order as the Republic military vessels were not well suited for their activities.

The ship can be broadly divided into two levels, the upper level is for conventional things like conference room and diplomatic meetings, and the lower level has a medical bay and the private sector for personal meditation.

Offensively, the ship has two powerful twin turbo lasers and the defensive duty is served by high-powered shields.

Fury – Sith Warrior/Inquisitor
Due to it’s versatility, Fury has been adapted by the Sith lords to explore the galaxy. The ship uses advanced hyperdrive and relatively lighter engines.

Fury’s Strike Foils are useful in increasing the ship’s agility and range of firepower. These foils can make the difference in short range combat.

It’s expensive as the interior has been designed to meet the luxurious demands of the Sith.

X-70B Phantom – Imperial Agent
Not everyone can have this ship as the advanced and high tech design of the Phantom makes its large production impossible.

Only the skillful and deserving agents can have some of the prototypes for special missions. The advanced upgrades included in the ship by the Empire makes it radar-resistant well-suited for intelligence missions.

XS Freighter – Smuggler
Like most other ships, Freighter too has received the necessary upgrades and the resultant XS model is one of the fastest ship in the galaxy.

It has a capacious deck and there are a lot of secret compartments in various sections of the ship so if the captain wants to hide anything, that won’t be a problem.

It has a standard laser gun and two additional turrets on the upper portion and you can operate them manually or let them operate automatically.

Vehicle Mounts

You can buy Vehicle Mounts from the vendor in the main city. They unlock at level 25 and start from $4000. Click on these items to see the requirements and credits they will cost and buy if you like. They are of several quality grades:
Standard: 90% Speed Boost (Requires Speed Piloting 1)
Fast: 100% Speed Boost (Requires Speed Piloting 2)
Boosted: 110% Speed Boost (Requires Speed Piloting 3)

These are some of the vehicles you can buy from the vendor in The Old Republic:
Boosted Civillian Hoverbike – Orange Flame
Credits. $33000

Boosted Classic Speederbike – Brown
Credits. $33000

Boosted Compact Hoverbike – Gun Gray
Credits. $33000

Boosted Quad Hoverbike – Dark Gray
Credits. $33000

Boosted Quad Hoverbike – White and Red
Credits. $33000

Boosted STAP Hoverbike – Deep Red
Credits. $33000

Civilian Hoverbike – Gray
Credits. $4000

Civilian Hoverbike – Ocean Blue
Credits. $4000

Compact Hoverbike – Gray
Credits. $4000

Compact Hoverbike – Tan
Credits. $4000

Fast Civilian Hoverbike – Gold
Credits. $21000

Fast Compact Hoverbike – Dark Gray
Credits. $21000

Manta Land Speeder – Blue
Credits. $33000

STAP Hoverbike – Gray
Credits. $4000

STAP Hoverbike – Purple
Credits. $4000

Sport Speederbike – Orange
Credits. $21000

Stabilized Speederbike – White and Blue
Credits. $21000

Aratech Scythe
Credits. $55000

Czerka Patroller
Credits. $8000

Gurian Shadow
Credits. $55000

Lhosan Duster
Credits. $25000

Rendili Watchman
Credits. $8000

Ubrikkian Hunter
Credits. $25000

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