Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Leveling Guide

Becoming the best in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet means that you must level up quickly by utilizing all of the mechanics available to you. However, leveling up is no easy feat in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet.

For this purpose, we have curated this Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Leveling Guide for you in which we have detailed how you can level up in each mechanic of the game.

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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Leveling Guide

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is a third person RPG where you can create your own Avatar and begin your journey in a devastated land along with a team.

There are different mechanics in the game which allow you to level up or gain proficiency such as the Character Levels, Friendship Affection Level or Weapon Proficiency.

With the help of these tips and strategies, you can easily level up using any mechanic that you want.

We have also shared some easy farming methods for earning more experience in different scenarios.

Character Level

You can level up your character when you reach a specific amount of experience. You gain experience by doing different activities.

You can kill different monsters and players around the world of Fatal Bullet to earn experience to level up.

Every time you level up, your health goes up and you earn from CP points. These CP points can then be used to increase different Status Parameters.

They allow you to build your character, allowing it to use special weapons and skills.

If you are looking to level up as quickly as possible, there is a short method to level up quickly. You can target NMs around the map.

You can also run around the map and kill as many mobs in the area as possible as well. Switch to extreme mode to get more experience [points from each kill.

The Floating Tower
Levelling up using the mobs around The Floating Tower is a viable method, and you can do it as soon as you enter the open-world of Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet.

Make your way to the Floating Tower and fight different enemies surrounding the tower.

Use a submachine gun or a handgun, as you’ll get your ammo back after defeating the enemies. If your weapons have Experience Gain Increase skill attached, your leveling process will accelerate significantly.

There’s a Level 10 Automation near the Floating Tower area. Defeat him to get some good items and a decent amount of XP. Make yourself some money in the process!

You’ll find two NPCs West of The Floating Tower to attack. They will level up as you level up, the effect takes place once you leave the area.

These are tougher of the lot, so make sure you’re properly equipped before you try to tackle them head-on.

South of the Floating Tower, you can find the Scorpion Boss fight. It’s a decent amount of XP, along with some great drops for you to sell.

Western Dungeon
If you want to find a good place to farm some enemies for a quick grind, we have the right method for you right here.

To start, first you need to head to the Western Dungeon in the first area. Once there, you will come across different enemy players.

Now you need to kill every one of them except one. Leave one player and allow him to revive all other players.

Once he is done reviving others, take him down and wait for the others to revive him.

You can keep doing this as long as you want. The trick here is to keep one enemy player alive all the times so he can revive the fallen teammates.

Keep repeating the process until you have levelled up enough.

You can also equip items with ‘Experience Gain Increase %’ passive skill to further increase this experience gain or simply switch to Extreme difficulty.

Return to the Town in between to accept your experience points to level up in between.

Industrial Zone
This area is for the big boys, if you’ve levelled up to a considerable Level 40, then it’s time to head to the Industrial Zone found in Solitary Sands.

You’ll find enemies around Level 50. Since you’re a part of the big leagues now, you’ll be able to take them down easily and continue your journey to be the best.

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Gaining Skill Proficiency

You have different skills in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, which can be used during combat. As you use a skill more, you get more proficient in it.

Increasing the proficiency means that you get more efficient with the skill and it gets increased benefits for the time it is activated for.

Some skills have three tiers, which unlock after reaching a specific level of proficiency with that level.

First-tier is unlocked at the start; second tier is unlocked when you reach 50% proficiency with skill while tier 3 is unlocked when you reach 100% proficiency with that skill.

The trick to getting proficient with skills is that you can keep casting them whether you are engaged in combat or not.

You do not have to be in combat to use these skills. Experience is added every time you cast them, whether you land them or not.

Keep spamming them and you will become proficient in that specific ability in no time.

Long cooldown times can be reduced by using Handgun Weapon Art. You can also cast the skill and just teleport to the same area to refresh the cooldowns and cast it again.

Acquiring Weapon Proficiency

Just like the skills, your weapons also have a proficiency level. More you use the weapons, more proficient you become with them.

However, it eventually caps at 1000. Every time you level up in a weapon’s proficiency, its damage is increased and becomes more effective in combat.

The speed at which you gain proficiency with a weapon also depends on how hard the enemy is.

Harder and greater level enemies will increase your proficiency much quicker than enemies with lower levels and easier to kill.

If you are looking for a farming method to increase the weapon proficiency quickly, equip a rapid-fire version of your weapon, set the difficulty to extreme and head to the dungeon located in the Third Area of Old South.

When you reach the boss, head to the platform on the left side of the boss where the boss will only fire ranged fireballs.

Take out your weapon and start firing at the boss. If the boss tries to come up to you for ranged combat, jump down the ramp and wait for the boss to jump down too.

Once the boss jumps down, quickly climb back up to the platform. The boss will have to go all the way around the ramp to try to get to you.

The fireballs on the other hand are very easy to dodge.

This is a very good method of gaining proficiency quickly with any ranged weapon. Melee weapons might not work with this method.

For levelling up melee weapons, you can get a healer teammate and try to take down as many Spider Turret robots as they are easy to kill and dodge.

Farming Medals

During battles, you will also earn Medals that can be traded for Skill Points, Memory Chips, Outfits, Accessories and Weapons.

To trade them, you must head to the Medal Trading Facility. A passive skill by the name of ‘Medal Acquisition +1’ can be used to increase the amount of medals you earn during battles.

There are three types of medals that you can earn during battles. They are Attack Medals, Support Medals and Weapon Medals.

For Attack Medals, you must do one of three things. You must kill 5 Enemies with Gadgets, Inflict any type of debuff on an enemy or kill an in-game player.

For Support Medals, you can heal an ally, recover from an abnormal status, revive a downed ally, buff attack enemies or buff defense.

For earning Weapon Medals, you need to kill enemies with weapons and get kills in quick succession.

By performing any of these acts, you can earn as many medals during combat as you want to.

For an easy medal farming location, set the difficulty to easy and head to the First Area. Enemies are weak here. You will kill them easily and will earn medals on every kill.

Gaining Friendship Affection Level

Another thing that you can level up in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is Friendship Affection Level.

For earning the true ending of the game, you must have maximum Friendship Affection Level across all your characters.

This will also unlock side quests and new costumes for your team members. This is capped at Rank 4 or 100%.

You can increase the affection with your teammates during battles. You can increase the affection with your teammates in the shortest possible time by a simple method.

For this method, equip two best Sword Barriers, head to the dungeon in the fourth area and get to the point where there are snipers in the area.

Set the difficulty of the game to extreme and fight those snipers.

You do not necessarily have to fight the snipers. They will keep picking off your teammates with one shot kills and all you need to do is keep reviving them. Your sword barriers will keep you safe from dying.

You can create any situation in which you teammates keep on drying and all you need to do is keep reviving them. This will increase your Friendship Affection Level in no time.

Every time you revive a teammate, you increase affection with them by 5%. This is a small percent and will take quite some time before all your teammates are up to 100%.

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