Switch OLED Model Has No Performance Gains, Says Nintendo Marketing Manager

Nintendo has come forth to address the elephant in the room by categorically noting that its new Switch OLED model does not run games any better.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, product marketing manager JC Rodrigo stated that players should “stick with the current model” if they are “not digging the screen.” The reason being that the new Nintendo Switch OLED model has no performance gains and all it really offers is a larger and crispier display.

The statement actually comes as a reminder since following its announcement yesterday, Nintendo issued a statement to confirm that the Switch OLED model has the same processor and the same amount of RAM as the current Switch model. Despite what previous rumors suggested, the upgraded version will not feature a new and powerful Nvidia processor and neither will there be more RAM.

The new Nintendo Switch OLED model features a larger (seven-inch) OLED display to support 720p and 1080p resolutions while in handheld and docked mode respectively. There will be no support for 4K resolution, at least not in this upgraded version. If there are plans to support higher resolutions, Nintendo fans will have to wait until another hardware iteration goes through in the coming years or better yet, a brand new Switch 2 successor.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model will launch on October 8, 2021. The retail price has been set at $350 which is $50 more than the current Switch model. Nintendo is already taking pre-orders, at least while stocks last, and interested buyers can choose from two colors: one with white Joy-Con controllers and a white dock, and a second with red-and-blue Joy-Con controllers and a black dock.

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