Surviving Mars Game Crash On Startup, Errors And Fixes

Surviving Mars PC users have been experiencing issues and errors like crashing on startup, not launching, graphical artifacts and more.

Surviving Mars has launched for PC and consoles but, the PC users have been experiencing issues and errors like crashing on startup, not launching, graphical artifacts and more.

Here we will discuss all the issues and errors for Surviving Mars that PC users have been experiencing and we will also provide you with a possible fix or a workaround so that you can play the game without any problem.

Surviving Mars Errors, Crashes And Fixes

Following are the errors and issues that PC gamers have been experiencing while playing the game along with possible fixes and workarounds.

Constant Update On Linux
Some Linux users have been experiencing that when the game is closed it starts to synchronize the game saves with the cloud with nothing is being synchronized.

The issue might be related to the cloud saves as when the game is closed, it synchronizes the save files with the cloud. A simple workaround for this issue is to disable the cloud saves and it should resolve.

Game Not Launching
This is another one of the Surviving Mars issues that PC users have been experiencing, however, the solution is very simple as all you need to do is restart Steam and the issue should resolve.

Crash On Startup
Crashes are a common occurrence in PC games and Surviving Mars is not any different. One forms crash that players are experiencing game crashing as soon it launches. While the specific reason behind this issue is not known but, to resolve it update your GPU drivers as outdated ones can create compatibility issues.

Also, make sure that your system meets the minimum system requirements of the game. However, if you are trying to run the game on an integrated GPU then you might have a problem as Integrated GPU aren’t much capable of running this game so you might need to upgrade to an external GPU.

Graphical Artifacts, Blocky Graphics
A lot of PC players have reported that no matter what graphical settings they have chosen the game looks terrible as there are a lot of artifacts and the graphics look blocky. Furthermore, this issue is mostly exclusive to those who are using AMD graphics card.

Well, the reason why this issue is bothering you is that Surviving Mars doesn’t quite support pre-GCN AMD GPUs which is causing the issue. So might need to upgrade your GPU.

Game Not Closing
This is another one of the game issues in which when a user quits the game, Steam shows it like its running and when users try to play the game it gives an error that the game is already running.

This issue might be related to the cloud saves, however, disabling it will not likely resolve the issue. What you can do is when you quite the game and Steam is still showing it as running, just open up “Task Manager” and click on “more details”.

A full list of processes will come up just look for the game’s exe in this list and click on it once and press “End Task”. This will close the game properly, however, there is a chance that doing that could corrupt the game. So, do it at your own risk.

No Ambient Sound, Audio Fixes
Audio issues are one of the major issues in Surviving Mars that players have been experiencing like the lack of Ambient Sound or it being very low along with other audio issues.

This audio issue might be related to your system’s audio channels as your OS might have set audio channel not supported by your headphone or speakers.

Just go to Playback devices and select “Configure”, here select stereo or any other audio channel supported by your headphones or speakers and press next and the issue should resolve. This should resolve the issue.

Audio stuttering is another issue players have been experiencing. To fix this issue, go to Playback Devices by right-clicking the audio icon in the bottom right of your display and select your default devices which in most cases will be “Speakers”.

Open up properties and go the “Advanced Tab” and here you will see a drop-down menu. Here you will have to do a trial and error as there are many options and one of the options should resolve the audio stuttering and audio buzzing issue.

Long Load Times
This is another one of issues that have been reported by many players. While the game is not particularly demanding but you might be able to reduce the load time by making sure no unnecessary background process is using the HDD as background processes can potentially increase loading times.

Stuttering Fix, Low FPS Fix
As we mentioned earlier that Surviving Mars is not particularly a demanding game, however, for some the game has been stuttering and soem are experiencing low FPS.

Try to update your GPU drivers to the latest version and if you have then check is the game is using the dedicated GPU or not as sometimes games use integrated GPUs by default causing stuttering and low FPS in the process.

Saved Game Broken After Update, Load Button Disabled
If you are unable to load the saved game and you have updated the game recently, we have the solution for you.

Some of the users have reported that they were unable to load their saved games. This issue happens when the update changes the save directory.

If your current save directory is:

C:\Users\*****\AppData\Local\Packages\ParadoxInteractive.SurvivingMars_zfnrdv2de78ny\LocalCache\Roaming\Surviving Mars\Save

You should consider transferring your saved files to the following directory:

C:\Users\*****\AppData\Local\Packages\ParadoxInteractive.SurvivingMars_zfnrdv2de78ny\LocalCache\Roaming\Surviving Mars\*username*

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