Survival Mode Bugged After Latest Street Fighter V Content Update

Developers confirm on Twitter that the Survival Mode is bugged after the new Street Fighter V content update and a fix will be released soon

Last week Capcom finally released a new Street Fighter V content update and since then, the developers have been under fire by the gaming community for a lot of reasons. To add fuel to the fire, new information has emerged which suggests the Survival Mode is also bugged now after the release of the update.

The official Twitter account of Street Fighter announced earlier today that a new issue had been detected and players affected by it aren’t being rewarded for clearing Survival Mode. Capcom has promised that a fix will be implemented soon for the issue.

Players who aren’t yet affected by the bug and would like to avoid it are advised to return to Character Select screen if they fail Survival Mode instead of jumping straight back in through the “Start Over” option.

The latest Street Fighter V content update, released on 22nd September, brought with it a new playable character Urien as well as daily challenges that should help players earn Fight Money faster in order to unlock more characters.

The update has also been part of a huge controversy as Capcom tried to implement a new anti-piracy measure on PC through it, which they insisted was not a DRM. This new addition was met with a massive backlash as it was somewhat of a backdoor being installed into the system.

Reddit users dissected this new “updated anti-crack solution” and discovered that it disables the Supervisor Mode Execution Protection (SMEP) and force elevates the game’s privileges to run at administrator level giving Capcom full access of the host system.

The community backlash to this breach of trust with the latest Street Fighter V content update was so severe that pretty soon Capcom was forced to release a statement followed by another update that removed this ‘backdoor’ from the game.

However, it is in the players’ best interests to check for a “Capcom.sys” driver in their PC to ensure that the update completely removed it or not.

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