Beyond Good And Evil 2 Survey Hints Multiplayer and Switch Release

Surveys are most times a good way to squeeze out information about our favorite videogames. Recently, in a survey provided by Ubisoft about Beyond Good And Evil 2 in the Project Octopath Traveler, which is Ubisoft’s new survey program for developers and publishers to gather data from gamers, we could find some pretty useful insights about what the developer team is working on in the game and what we could expect when it releases.

Among many questions, the survey asked if we prefer co-op, multiplayer, or offline singleplayer when we decide what videogame will we play which seemed like a pretty important aspect of the whole survey. Another point was the story vs experience aspect, even though we couldn’t possibly know how an answer to this could affect the development of Beyond Good And Evil 2.

What came as a big surprise was the question regarding the platforms you like to play your videogames on, in which Nintendo Switch was the first choice. Does this mean that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will probably come to the Switch as well or was that just a statistic question? Many fans would love to play this particular game on Nintendo Switch since the console doesn’t yet have many good story-driven videogames to count on.

Last but not least, while the Beyond Good and Evil 2 survey asked you to rate some similar franchises including Destiny 2, it’s become clear that the game may feature an online world and probably be another games-as-service.

In other news, Hsing-Hsing has been announced to be one of the many different sorts of animal hybrids that are a part of the Beyond Good and Evil universe, similar to Uncle Pey’j from the original game, and the multiple other hybrids we saw in the Beyond Good and Evil 2 reveal trailer, such as Knox the monkey and Zhou Yuzhu, the other pig hybrid we saw in the trailer.

There’s no real release date for Beyond Good and Evil 2, but hopefully we’ll be getting an idea of it soon from Ubisoft.

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