Support Your Favorite Teams by Buying Their Uniform Skins With Overwatch League Tokens

Overwatch League tokens are a new form of in-game currency that will be introduced early next year for a very exclusive and special purpose.

They will be used by the community to purchase the upcoming regional uniforms, jersey-styled skins, for all the participating twelve teams in the Overwatch League. This includes twelve skins, branded differently for each franchise, for every single playable hero in the game. That makes it 312 skins in total for collectors.

According to commissioner Nate Nanzer, purchasing Overwatch League tokens for Overwatch League skins will “provide monetary support for the teams” involved. This is similar to the summoner icons in League of Legends and stickers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, it has not been clarified as to how the revenue will be divided between the developer and teams.

Take note that the Overwatch League tokens will be only used to buy in-game content for the Overwatch League. They will be available from January when the inaugural season begins. To mark the occasion, Blizzard will be giving free tokens to all players on all three platforms to purchase one Overwatch League skin in the first month after launch.

The specially colored uniforms will function as in-game skins for the home and away teams in competitive Overwatch events. They were announced a couple of weeks back as a necessity to improve the spectator experience. The home variants are much brighter while the away versions are darker. The former will be the only ones available for purchase early next year with the new currency.

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