Super Street Fighter IV Unlocks Guide – Characters, Stages, Japanese VO, Colors, Taunts

In our Super Street Fighter IV Unlocks Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about all the different unlocks you can get in the game.

You have previously played Street Fighters IV, you will like this newly loaded version of the original game. There are plenty new in this game most noticeably 25 already unlocked new characters added to the previous squad of 10 playable characters. Last time we wrote a guide on Street Fighters IV character unlocks but now all playable characters are already available at your disposal. Still, there are plenty of other things that you can unlock following this guide.

Street Fighters IV Unlocks

Following is everything you need to know about unlocking all the different unlocks in Street Fighter IV:

How to Unlock New Challenge Modes?

You can unlock the mini-game challenge mode by beating the Arcade Mode on any difficulty. This will unlock both the “Barrel Buster Stage” mode and “Car Crusher Bonus Stage” mode allowing you to play these classic stages anytime you want.

How to Unlock Extra Content with Save File

If you have already played Street Fighter IV on your console, and have its save file then you can unlock some extra content in Super Street Fighter IV.

All you need to do is load the game while having Street Fighter IV save the file. When you do that you will have color 11 and 12 added for each character, with all the downloadable content of the original game available at your disposal, cool?

How to Do 720 Ultra?

To do 720 Ultra, remember that it should be buffered into a jump, dash or a focus attack. You can’t do it while standing still.

Fight Gouken

To fight Gouken after you fight with the Seth, you need to play Arcade Mode on the default settings.

Do not lose any round, perform five super or ultra combo finishes, have two perfect rounds, and execute 10 first-round hits by connecting with the first strike in one round.

How to Unlock Japanese Voice Tracks?

To unlock Japanese voice tracks, you will need to finish story mode on any difficulty with any character.

How to Unlock Icon Sets

Unlock the first icon set by completing any trial with any character. Complete eight different trials with a character to unlock icon set 2, unlock icon set 3 by completing sixteen different trials with a character.

Unlock icon set 4 by completing all trials with a character.

How to Unlock New Colors and Taunts

Play a Versus Mode match against CPU, select the character you want to unlock new color and taunts.

When the game starts, pause the game and return to the character selection screen to unlock a new color or taunt for that character. You can repeat this as many times as you desire.

How to Unlock Final Fight Reference

Complete the “Car Crusher Bonus Stage” with Cody or Guy and Bred from the final fight will appear and cry “OH MY CAR!”, just like in the final fight.

How to Unlock Alternative Stages

When selecting a stage at the “Selection” screen, hold LB or RB to fight on challenge mode version of that stage.

How to Unlock All Characters

Street Fighter has become tougher this time. One may come up with the games 7 difficulties but defeating the final boss, Seth is real havoc. So, to win the game one of the important tricks is getting a suitable character for yourself.

The following guide will let you know “how to unlock every character” in this game. Start the game with options set to “one round match” and difficulty as suitable.

Beat Arcade Mode as Chun-Li.

Beat Arcade Mode as Ryu.

Beat Arcade Mode as M. Bison.

Fei Long
Beat Arcade Mode as Abel.

Beat Arcade Mode as C. Viper.

Beat Arcade Mode as Sakura (unlocked through Ryu above).

After unlocking all the above, choose someone you have already beaten Arcade Mode with and play through again. You must not continue before reaching Seth.

You must get at least one “perfect” round in which you aren’t hit by your opponent. After beating Seth, Akuma should appear. You simply have to defeat him (continues shouldn’t matter anymore) to unlock him.

First, beat Arcade Mode as Akuma. Now, startup Arcade Mode as someone you have already beaten it with, and you have to make it through without any continues or losses at all.

Also, you need at least one “perfect” round, three “Super/Ultra Combo” finishes, and you need to get the first hit in at least five rounds. After that, Gouken will appear, and you must defeat him.

Beat Arcade Mode with all characters.

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