Super Smash Bros Ultimate Olimar Guide – How to Play, Moves List, Counters

It has been a while since Olimar was last seen in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate, having last appeared on the Wii in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. There have been quite a few changes during this time in order to better balance Olimar, and our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Olimar Guide will take you through all of them so that you have a better understanding of the character.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Olimar

Olimar is from the Pikmin series and is quite a good pick. There are only a few characters that will be better than Olimar in the game. Olimar is a lightweight character and is not really that fast. However, he has a lot of other qualities that make up for his deficiencies in the speed department.

Let us go ahead and take a look at how you can unlock Olimar in the game. After that, we will tell you about his movesets and end on the alternate costumes that you can pick with him.

How to Unlock

There are 3 different ways through which you can unlock Olimar, just like all of the other characters in the game. You can play the World of Light mode to unlock Olimar, or you can go through the Classic Mode. The most efficient way, however, is to use the Challenger Approaches fights.

In case you do not get the Challenger Approaches fight that you need, you can play through the fight and then restart the game. After that, you need to play a custom ruleset match that has a time limit of 1 minute. Once you finish this match and return to the menu, you will have a new fight waiting for you.

Move Sets

Your standard smash is called the Pikmin Pluck and is performed by pressing the B button. This will pluck 3 Pikmin. You can then use your side smash by moving your left stick to the side and then pressing B. This move is called Pikmin Throw and just as you would expect, this move throws the Pikmin that you have picked up and deals damage to enemies.


Your Up smash is called Winged Pikmin and can be performed by moving the left stick to the top side and then pressing B. This move summons Pikmin to fly you around.

However, remember that it will be much more difficult to fly you around if you have picked up Pikmin before this. The Down Smash calls all of the Pikmin to order and rearranges them. This move is called Pikmin Order.

Your Final Smash is called End of Day and is used to get on board a ship and fly away. Your enemies need to fight all of these strange creatures left behind until you land, exploding the ship, and dealing damage to enemies in the process. This move can be performed by pressing B once your FS meter is full.

Alternate Costumes

There are not that many variations available when it comes to alternate costumes for Olimar. There are 4 different colors for the standard character and a total of 4 different colors available for Alph. The colors you have are yellow, orange, green, and grey for the standard spacesuit version and blue, pink, green, and orange for Alph.

Changes in SSBU

Olimar’s up taunt was changed which is now much shorter in its duration. The Up Throw and the Pikmin Order special move’s whistling animation has been altered as well. The End of Day final smash attack’s animation comes out much quicker which sees the ship crashing right after the small cutscene finishes.

Olimar received boost to his walk, dash and air speed that are now faster. The jump squat comes out quicker while all aerial attacks have less landing lag. The up smash has reduced end lag. In the grabs department, Olimar can increase his grab range by having more Pikmin at his command. The pummel is much faster and the down throw has greater pushback.

Olimar can pluck his Pikmin much faster so to make up for the disposed ones. The Latched Pikmin attack received a damage buff and the Pikmin Order move is much faster.

Recommended Spirits

Judging closely by the playstyle of Olimar, you are advised to choose the following Spirits by decreasing precedence. Overall, they will grant you with more damage potential with your side specials and tilts, and aerial attacks.

  • Chun-Li
  • Rathalos
  • Julius Belmont
  • Reaper & Reapette

Counter Picks

Whenever you’re playing against Olimar, your main goal should be not to allow him to pluck his Pikmins, or at the very least, keep him surrounded with as few amount of Pikmins as possible. Here are some characters that can carry out that job for you.

  • Fox
  • Pichu
  • Peach or Daisy
  • Mewtwo

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