Where To Find The Three Musty Fears Flags In Super Mario RPG

Find three Flags for the Three Musty Fears and boost your defense.

In Super Mario RPG, you can start the Three Musty Fears side quest and find three flags in it. You will get this particular sidequest before you earn your Sixth Star Piece during your playthrough.

The Three Musty Fears are souls of dead characters and will approach Mario when he is asleep. They will play a game with you in which they will hide their respective flag at various locations. Your objective is to find each of these flags, and once you do that, you will receive a nice reward.

How to find Three Flags for Three Musty Fears in Super Mario RPG

The Three Musty Fears will make an appearance when Mario sleeps at Monstro Town. These will include Greaper, Dry Bones, and Boo in Super Mario RPG. Each of these NPC characters will propose playing a mini-game of finding their flags.

Each of these fears will also give you a hint of where they hid the flag. You will have to venture out to collect all three Musty Fear flags in Super Mario RPG.

  • Greaper’s flag hint: His flag will be hidden behind a wooden flower
  • Dry Bones’ flag hint: His flag will be hidden under a green bed
  • Boo’s flag hint: His flag will be hidden between “O” and “A.”

1. Greaper’s Flag location

In order to discover the Greaper’s Flag, you will need to go to Rose Town. All you will need to do is find a golden wooden flower sign that says Welcome.

Once you have spotted it, you can go behind it. Press the A button to Look behind it, and you will be able to find the Greaper’s Flag with relative ease in Super Mario RPG.

2. Dry Bones’ Flag location

The second flag is at the Mario Pad. You will need to go to the Mario House directly, and then you can go towards his bed.

Once you get near the bed, you will get the option to press the A button to Look. This way, you can spot the Dry Bones’ Flag for the Three Musty Fears in Super Mario RPG.

3. Boo’s Flag location

You can find Boo’s Flag located at the Yo’oster Isle. If you haven’t unlocked Yo’oster Isle yet, as it is an optional location that you can miss out on, then you can make your way to the Pipe Vault.

You will need to make your way to the Island, and there you will observe some orange dinos near a track. At the base of the track, you will observe the letters GOAL. You can go to the center of the letters O and A, and then you will see the option to press the A button to Look at these letters. This way, you will be able to find Boo’s Flag in Super Mario RPG.

Three Musty Fears rewards

Once you have gathered all Three Flags for Three Musty Fears, you can return to Monstro Town. Make your way to the same house that you slept in earlier when the Three Musty Fears made their appearance.

On the right end, you will find a mushroom, so go toward it and, press A to Talk, and switch off the lights. Then, you can jump onto the bed, and Mario will fall asleep.

Now that Mario is sleeping soundly, the Three Musty Fears will make an appearance again along his bedside in Super Mario RPG. You can observe the message in which they will congratulate you on finding all three flags.

All Three Musty Fears will complement Mario in playing their game and finding the flags and then announce the Grand Prize Giveaway. Then they will take their leave, and Mario will wake up.

You can then check the Equip section, and there you will notice the Ghost Medal badge as a reward for collecting all three Flags of the Three Musty Fears.

The Ghost Medal is quite a resourceful accessory in Super Mario RPG as it increases your defensive attributes. Once you equip it on Mario, you will notice a lot of difference during your battles as it will decrease the amount of damage by half and increase your chances of survival. If you don’t need it, you can sell it for 800 Coins.

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