Super Mario RPG Leveling Guide 

Looking to level up fast in Super Mario RPG? There are a few ways with which you can achieve this goal. From grinding enemies to exploration.

The Super Mario RPG Remake highlights iconic characters who unite against formidable threats. As the game gets tougher, so will leveling up your party members become essential. You will encounter plenty of opportunities to earn XP and enhance your characters’ abilities by leveling up in Super Mario RPG. 

This guide will provide enough knowledge to optimize your EXP gain and effectively allocate stat bonuses.

How to level up fast in Super Mario RPG 

What quicker way is there to level up faster than to grind as many enemies as possible? The harder an enemy is to defeat, the greater reward it will hold. To find a strong enemy, head to the most recent area to hunt down the enemy and raise your XP.  

Additionally, you can shift the challenge rating the other way and face a lot of enemies instead of one strong one. These will naturally be weaker, but you will get a lot of XP this way too. Find a larger cluster of enemies, get inside, and go ham.

Lastly, do open treasure chests. Though the chances are rare, they may contain Super Stars to make Mario invincible, just like in the traditional Super Mario games. This will allow you to grind enemies without getting hit for a while.

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