How To Get Kero Sewers Secret Chest In Super Mario RPG

Kero Sewers secret chest has a special item that can help you get Frog Coins.

The Kero Sewers is one of those dungeon areas where you are bound to come across some chests, including a Secret Chest in Super Mario RPG. Apart from the chest, you will face a lot of enemies here, which you can avoid by running past them.

If you want to get to this Secret Chest, then you have come to the right spot. I will tell you how you can easily reach this secret chest and unlock it to receive a unique reward.

How to reach the Secret Chest in Kero Sewers

You will find Kero Sewers and the secret chest in the Tadpole Pond Region of Super Mario RPG. Once you enter this particular area, you can explore it to loot all the treasure chests.

However, there will be one specific Treasure chest that you will not be able to get. To access this chest, you need to jump off the ledge.

The pipe that leads you to that upper portion cannot be accessed using the other vent pipes in the Kero Sewers. Instead, you will need to reach a mini-dungeon at Land’s End Region in Super Mario RPG.

How to find the Warp Pipe at Land’s End

If you have not reached that area, then you can take your time exploring the missions and sidequests until you finally stumble across this specific region. Once you get to Land’s End, you will need to find the large Sky Bridge minigame. You can find it by entering the cave with a large entrance.

You will notice a puff of smoke coming out of this entrance in Super Mario RPG. All you need to do is wait for the puff of smoke to emerge, and as soon as it does, you need to jump towards it.

You will reach a mini-dungeon area so you can follow the path and avoid fighting the enemies along the way. After some time, you will come across a large spring with a smiley face.

You will need to jump on that large spring, and you will emerge from the pipe that will be present in the Kero Sewers. This way, you can get near the ledge and proceed to jump onto the pillars ahead. The Secret Chest will be floating near the second pillar. You can bump into the chest to receive the reward in Super Mario RPG.

Super Mario RPG Kero Sewers Secret Chest reward

You will be rewarded with the Cricket Jam. Once you have collected this reward, you can make your way back to the Tadpole Pond.

Now that you have the Cricket Jam in your possession, you can give it to Frog Sage. You can find him at the Tadpole Pond area in Super Mario RPG. Once you hand him the Cricket Jam and press the Sure option, you will receive 10 Frog Coins.

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