How To Unlock Grate Guy’s Casino In Super Mario RPG

Unlock the Grate Guy's Casino and get a chance to win Star Egg.

The Grate Guy’s Casino in Super Mario RPG is a secret location that is fun to explore and can give you some fun minigames to play. These minigames have some rewards that you can get if you win. Unfortunately, this location is a bit hard to find as it requires a specific way. You don’t have to worry, as I will help you unlock the Grate Guy’s Casino.

How to get the Bright Card to enter Grate Guy’s Casino?

Before going to the Grate Guy’s Casino, you need to have a membership card called Bright Card to unlock it. To find it, go and talk to Knife Guy of the duo that you previously fought on the top of Booster Tower.

The knife guy is still at the booster Tower, so go there and enter the tower again. Go up using the left platforms, avoiding some Snifits on the way. On the top, you’ll find the Knife Guy juggling some balls. Interact with him to start the conversation where he’ll apologize for fighting.

Talk to him again, and he’ll ask you which hand the yellow ball will be in. You can select the hand by going towards the right hand and touching it. For the first nine correct guesses, he’ll give you some mushrooms, but on the tenth, he’ll reward you with a Bright Card in Super Mario RPG Remake.

Where do you find the Grate Guy’s Casino pipe in Super Mario RPG?

Now, your next step is going to the Bean Valley. This place is part of the main story, so you won’t skip it even if you are not searching for it. Progress through the Bean Valley until you reach the area with five pipes with piranha plants.

You need to defeat the topmost one to open access to the Grate Guy’s Casino in Super Mario RPG. However, the plants are dried, so wait for the flying Shy Guy to water the plants and then start the fight. Once defeated, use the pipe to go inside. This will lead you to a small area with few lizards and a Yellow Chomp.

Go over to the Chomp, defeat it, and stand on the area where the Chomp was, the end of the area. Jump up from this spot to reveal a yellow tile.

Use it to jump towards the wall and run out from the extending tile on the left. The next screen will be a map showing a new location called Grate Guy’s Casino. Click it, enter the house, and you’ll find yourself in a small room with three minigames.

What can you do in Grate Guy’s Casino?

Once you get to the Grate Guy’s Casino, there are three mini-games that you can play. These minigames give you some items if you win them. The items you can win include Coins, Frog Coins, Rotten Mushrooms, and a Star Egg. However the last reward, Star Egg is not that easy to get.

Treasure Box Slot Game

On the left side of the room, you’ll find a floating treasure box. Jump to hit it, and three symbols will be revealed. You have to make all three stops at the same symbol to get the reward. To stop the symbols, you have to jump for each one, in total, three times, and get the same symbol.

If you get two same symbols, you’ll get a few coins, but if you get all three, you’ll get a Frog Coin.

Memory Game

For the Memory game, the Toad will ask for characters, and you need to memorize which card they were on and flip that. If you match three times to the toad’s asked names, you’ll get the Frog coin.

Turn to the Opposite side

In the middle of the room in Super Mario RPG, the Grate Guy will have a minigame for you, too. Talk to him, and he’ll start the game where you have to look in the opposite direction to his hand. You have two options: left and right. As this is a 50/50 chance, it’s easy to win or lose.

The reward for winning once is rotten mushrooms. But there is a far better reward you can get for this minigame. If you manage to win 100 times in a row, you’ll get the Star Egg. This is a good item, but the process is quite tiring.

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