How To Solve The Booster Portrait Puzzle In Super Mario RPG

Solve the Booster Portrait puzzle and get an early weapon for the new recruit.

The Booster Tower in Super Mario RPG has a small puzzle that can go unnoticed called the Booster Portrait Puzzle. Solving this puzzle is important as it can get you a weapon for the new recruit, Bowser.

To find the Booster Portrait Puzzle, you first need to go to the Booster Tower. From the entrance, go left and up the platforms to a long path. There would be six portraits present here. You can interact with all of them to know their order and the differences.

You will need this information to solve the Booster Portrait Puzzle. The table below shows the order of the portraits and their differences.

First PortraitLarge Glasses and Red Beret
Second PortraitYellow hat and Open Mouth
Third PortraitRed Hat, Eyepatch and tongue out
Fourth PortraitSunglasses
Fifth PortraitRed Beanie and Small Glasses
Sixth PortraitEyes Wide Open

Now for the puzzle, go up the tower as you usually do until you come across a long corridor with portraits lined on the wall. This would be after the save box screen.

Super Mario RPG Booster Portrait Puzzle solution

Once you reach the long corridor with portraits lined up, the solution would be to follow the order that was shown at the beginning of the building. You can understand the order by looking at the table given above. Here’s how the order will go (from left to right).

  1. Sixth Portrait
  2. Fifth Portrait
  3. Third Portrait
  4. First Portrait
  5. Second Portrait
  6. Fourth Portrait

Tap all of them in this order, and you will get a key, Elder Key, in Super Mario RPG. Use this key to open the door beside the portraits.

The room beside the portraits is where you’ll get the reward for solving the Booster Portrait puzzle in Super Mario RPG Remake. As you go in, you’ll see a Chain Chomp. Jump towards it, and don’t worry, you will not get hurt.

This will bring out Bowser, and he’ll jump to it and get it for himself. You can go to the menu and equip the Bowser with the Chain Chomp as a weapon for fights.

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