Super Mario RPG Best Party

In Super Mario RPG, you can build your party to be the best in any situation. There are several characters to choose from.

In Super Mario RPG Remake, assembling the best party can make all the difference in your quest to save the Mushroom Kingdom from the Smithy Gang. The game’s five characters – Mario, Peach, Geno, Mallow, and Bowser – possess unique strengths and weaknesses.

As such, certain combinations emerge as particularly influential. This guide contains the relevant information to help you create the best party to overcome every challenge. 

Building Best Party in Super Mario RPG 

Party helps you cross through the game, and every chapter requires you to update your party members. To begin with the initial creations, try to understand the advantages of each member. 

Mario Fireball and Jump 
Mallow Thunder and Ice 
Geno Support and Geno Blast 
Bowser Physical Attacks and good Tank 
Peach Healing and Support 
Character and Advantages in Super Mario RPG

You must change your party composition according to different chapters or threats. To do so, go to the Main Menu and choose the “Party” option. You can change every member besides Mario there. During the battle, you can switch characters by pressing the “+” button; this swap is possible if a character dies and you have other members to help you. 

Best Party in Super Mario RPG 

Mario is the one character you always have to choose in the game. Being a physical attacker, he holds various advantages in the game. The ideal and balanced party composition would include a magical attacker, a supporting character, and Mario. Therefore, we chose Mario, Geno, and Peach. 

Geno boosts Mario’s physical attacks and targets enemies with magic damage, whereas Peach heals the entire party. 

Mario Physical Attacker Hold’s firepower Uses Jump or Fire-based attacks Uses items flexibly 
Geno Strong Magic and Physical Attacks Heals entire party Focuses on healing and revival Uses a frying pan to attack 
Peach Healer Secondary attacker Buffs other characters’ abilities using Geno Boost Only attacks if the party is buffed 
Mario best party config in Super Mario RPG

Best Party for Each Chapter 

Best Party for Chapters 1-3 

The first three chapters’ starting lineup is that your team will include Mario, Mallow, and Geno until Bowser joins the gang. With Mario focusing on physical attacks, Geno will boost his attacks, whereas Mallow will play between magic and healing. 

Best Party for Chapter 4 

As soon as Bowser joins the league, swap him in for Mallow. This will upgrade your team to full offensive mode. With Mario and Geno’s physical attacks, Bowser debuffs the enemies and heals using items. 

Best Party for Chapter 5 

The Sunken Ship will be easily played when you have Mario, Bowser, and Peach on your team. However, if you still want an entire offensive team, you can keep Peach on standby and swap her anytime for Mallow or Geno. 

Best Party for Chapter 6 

The Barrel Volcano has many enemies vulnerable to Lightning and Ice-based attacks, which is when Mallow walks in. Upgrade your team to Mario, Peach, and Mallow. 

Best Party for Chapter 7 

The endgame becomes easier with leveled-up Mario, Peach, and Geno. Being the game’s strongest characters, each will play a distinct role in increasing the party’s synergy while defeating enemies. 

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