Super Mario Odyssey Sales Are Already On Amazon’s Best Seller List For 2017

Super Mario Odyssey sales have put the game up to Number 5 on Amazon's Best Seller List for 2017, and the game isn't even out yet.

In case you didn’t think that Super Mario Odyssey was popular enough, Super Mario Odyssey sales are already making the game climb up the ranks of Amazon’s Best Sellers list for 2017. The game isn’t even out yet, instead it’s going to be released tomorrow, which shows you how popular Mario is.

The game is likely one of Mario’s most ambitious titles yet, with a variety of very different wide-open areas that Mario can go to, to say nothing of the hat capture mechanic that you can use to take control of everything from people to fish to dinosaurs. All of that is sure to make Super Mario Odyssey a great system seller for the Nintendo Switch.

What makes Super Mario Odyssey sales even better on the Amazon list is that so far Nintendo products are dominating that list. In seventh place we have the Nintendo Switch console itself, and the fourth, fifth, and sixth spots are all Nintendo Switch games (Mario Kart in fourth, Breath of the Wild in sixth, and Mario Odyssey in fifth.)

First, second, and third places are all related to Playstation Network gift cards, but hopefully through the power of nostalgia and branding, Super Mario Odyssey can overtake all of them and get to the top of the list.

Considering that the Nintendo Switch is doing much better than the Wii U did even just in its first year of life, it’s good to see that all of the console’s major releases are also doing well in sales. Even though Super Mario Odyssey sales don’t include post-release numbers, the game has already gotten enough pre-orders and bundle sales in order to get to the halfway point of Amazon’s best seller list.

If you own a Nintendo Switch and want to buy Super Mario Odyssey, then you’ll be able to pick it up sometime tomorrow when it releases exclusively for the Switch.

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