Super Mario Odyssey Goombette Locations Guide

Super Mario Odyssey Goombette Locations Guide to help you learn all about finding all the Goombette that you can find in Super Mario Odyssey.

In this Super Mario Odyssey Goombette Locations Guide, we will guide you on how to find Goombette in Super Mario Odyssey. There are different means of finding moon as rewards and finding Goombette is one of them.

We have curated this Super Mario Odyssey Goombette Locations Guide in which we have listed the locations where you can find Goombette and earn moons as rewards.

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Super Mario Odyssey Goombette Locations

There are seven Goombettes that you need to find in Super Mario Odyssey. They are located in different Kingdoms and you cannot get to them normally like other collectibles.

To gain access to a Goombette, you will need to stack a specific number of Goombas. Stack them up and take them to the Goombette to get your reward.

Mushroom Kingdom

In the Mushroom Kingdom, head to Goomba Woods. The Goombette is stranded on a high platform across the moat.

You must remove the 4 logs under the moat to drain the water, so that the Goombas can make way to the Goombette .

Use Cappy for this task.Now stack ten Goombas and head to the Goombette who is sitting on the high platform to get your reward.

Seaside Kingdom

In the Seaside Kingdom, reach the Odyssey and start heading left. On the beach, you will find many Goombas jumping around by the water.

This is where spiked shells are rolling down a path between the cliffs and into the sea.

Stack five Goombas and start going on the path between the cliffs. You will need to be careful here of the spiked shells.

The Goombette is sitting on a ridge on the left side a little up the path.

Wooded Kingdom

The Wooden Kingdom Goombette is waiting for you in a hidden area near the area where the poisonous purple swamp was before you beat the Broodal at the Sky Garden Tower. Destroy the breakable wall using the tank and enter the now accessible area.

To find the Goombas, once inside activate the kettle bot and pick the seed from the nearby pot. Plant it and climb up to the location where you will find Goombas.

Stack all the 9 Goombas there and climb to reach the Goombette sitting nearby on a platform.

Luncheon Kingdom

In the Luncheon Kingdom, Goombette is easily visible to you to the right of your Odyssey on a platform beside the pink lava and across the floating corn cob.

The path is treacherous and is filled with deadly pink lava. Stack four Goombas and head back to the Goombette avoiding the exploding tomatoes, roll across the corn cob to traverse the lava but be careful not to fall in the pink lava.

Lake Kingdom

In the Lake Kingdom, the Goombette is behind the ship where it stands. If you go around, you can see it. But you can only get this Goombette once you have defeated the Broodel boss.

To get the Goombas, you must go up the stairs near the mermaid platfrom; that are now here after the Broodel boss.

Go up there, stack some Goombas and guide them down across the mermaid platforms, back behind the ship and claim your reward with the Goombette.

Sand Kingdom

There are two Goombettes in the Sand Kingdom. You can find the first one near the inverted pyramid area.

At the start of the area of the inverted pyramid temple, stack four Goombas and take them towards the inverted pyramid across the floating tile avoiding the following missile and to the Goombette.

For the second Goombette, return to the Goombas and stack up four more Goombas. Now you must head right from the area, circling around the building and towards the leaning pillars until you see the Goombette on a sand cliff just at the end

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