Super Mario Bros. Speed Run Record Broken, Someone Has Done the Impossible

Super Mario Bros. Speedrun record has once again been broken and it is unbelievable this time. Breaking the world record for Super Mario Bros. was only considered possible with the use of bots.

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The record stood at 4:57.194 by Kosmicd12 on 3rd October. However, it only took a couple of days for Darbian to beat that record and manage a time of 4:56.878.

Getting a time below 4.57 was considered impossible but it looks like nothing is impossible for gamers. It would be interesting to see if someone is able to break this one or not.

World record as of 10/5/2016, played on a real NES. The first 4:56 achieved by a human – a time that was considered nearly impossible just a few weeks ago.

Do you think someone else can manage to break his record? Would be willing to give it a try? Share what you think in the comments below.

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