All Super Mario 3D World Cheats, Secrets And Exploits

There are some Super Mario 3D World Cheats, Unlocks, Secrets and Exploits you can explore to have extra fun in the game.

Super Mario 3D World is an exciting game that is fully packed with exploits, cheats, and secrets for you to explore. There are good chances that you might stumble upon some of these by simply playing the game.

In case you don’t, we have compiled a list of these cheats and secrets you could find.

How to get infinite lives?

super mario 3d world cheats

To get infinite lives cheats in Super Mario 3D world, enter the cave in World 1-2 Here, you will see a Koopa Troopa next to a Goomba on a little raised platform. Before doing anything, you need to take out the Goomba on the raised platform.

After that, you need to smash purple blocks underneath Koopa Troopa. Now jump on to the Koopa Troopa and try and acquire its shell as quickly as possible.

Now that you have retrieved the creature’s shell go to your right to find the three purple blocks on the ground. Stand in such a way that your character’s back is towards the first purple block and it’s facing the wall.

Once you are in position, leave the block to hit the wall and jump on it to start a jumping chain and get infinite lives. Note that you do not have to press anything else after your character starts jumping on the shell.

How to unlock Rosalina?

super mario 3d world cheats

The all-time favorite character from Super Mario Galaxy is also playable in Super Mario 3D World. Unlocking Rosaline is easy and requires you to complete World Star-2.

How to warp from World 1-2 to World 2?

To do this, you will require The Cat Suit, found in World 1-1. Once you have acquired it, wear it throughout World 1-2. After reaching the underground area of this world, you will come across a pipe with two paths towards the exit, one with coins lined.

After coming out, you will see three invisible question mark sign blocks along the wall. Use these blocks to reach the upper area to find a Koopa Troopa. After killing it, climb the wall above the Koopa Troopa to find the Wrap Zone.

How to warp from World 4-2 to World 5?

super mario 3d world cheats

Once again, you will be required to have The Cat Suit. Anyway, soon after you leave the Underground Area, you will come near a Mystery Box with a Wrap Pipe. Run along the wall to reach the top of the waterfall and jump across the poisonous water to see the Red Wrap Pipe that will get you to World 5.

How to change world flags?

This is pretty much easy to do, and you might already know it. But still, here goes: Getting atop the flag pole will turn it from Red to Gold. However, collecting all the Green Stars will let you see a Green Star above the pole.

How to unlock Luigi Brothers?

super mario 3d world cheats

Luigi Brothers can be unlocked in Super Mario 3D World in two ways; the first way includes getting a copy of New Super Luigi U and having a Save File of the game on your Wii U before starting the game. However, if you do not intend on spending, you can always beat the first 8 Worlds of the game, and you will automatically unlock it.

How to unlock the Crown-Crown level?

To unlock the final level in Super Mario 3D world, you must collect all green stars, gold flag poles, and stamps from all previous levels. Once you do, you’ll get a message that the final level is now available.

Now make your way to World Flower, then use the rocket ship to reach World Crown.

Hidden Luigis

super mario 3d world cheats

Scattered throughout the game are some 8-bit Luigis. These can be found by hitting ‘?’ blocks or by seeing them through binoculars during certain moments. You need to know that these do not affect the gameplay at all!

How to get sparkling stars?

If you intend to pick up the Sparkling Stars from the top of the flagpole on a particular level, then you need to ensure that you do not pick up Invincibility Leaf on that particular level. You must also know you will get the Invincibility Leaf after dying five times.

How to get five stars on your save file?

Attaining Five Stars is a way of determining your progression for 100% completion. Getting Five Stars on your Save File requires you to complete certain objectives as given below:

  • 1-Star: Complete the game until the 8th World.
  • 2-Stars: Acquire all Green Stars until 8th World.
  • 3-Stars: Complete World Star, World Mushroom, and World Flower.
  • 4-Stars: Acquire all Green Stars in the first 11 Worlds.
  • 5-Stars: Acquire all Green Stars, and Stamps, beat all the World with every character, and hit all the Goal Posts to get this one.

How to earn the final five stamps?

super mario 3d world cheats

As aforementioned, getting all the Stamps in Super Mario 3D World is a requirement to attain 5 stars on your Save File or in other words, attain 100% completion. If you cannot get all the Stamps, then you need to complete the game with every character, which can be sped up by playing multiplayer.

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