Sunset Overdrive 2 Possibly Hinted At By Insomniac Games

A new Twitter post from Insomniac Games might have just given us the biggest hint yet about the existence of Sunset Overdrive 2, though nothing has been officially confirmed yet. The tweet consisted of a large monster covered in the sort of growths that a Sunset Overdrive fan might recognize.

Sunset Overdrive was an early title for the Xbox One, one of the few exclusive games that the console got. Players played the role of a survivor in a post-apocalyptic setting when an experimental soft drink turns thousands of people into soda-obsessed monsters.

While the game got good reviews and has gotten a cult following for its creativity and colors, there hasn’t been a peep from Insomniac about the possibility of a Sunset Overdrive 2. Now, however, with the tweet, that wait may be almost over.

Insomniac is riding high following the runaway success of its Spider-Man game, so with the experience brought on by that game it’s likely that a new Sunset Overdrive is on the way. Since the original game ended in a cliffhanger, one can only wonder what Insomniac is going to do with it.

The original Sunset Overdrive involved a great deal of parkour and various weapons cobbled together out of scrap. This allowed you to do things like skate on power lines while shooting razor-sharp CDs at enemies, with bonus points being given to you for how creative you were with your kills.

With the giant monster that we can see in the Insomniac teaser, it’s possible that Sunset Overdrive 2 will be even bigger and better than the original game. We might even see it as a launch title for the Xbox Series X or Playstation 5 if it releases by the end of this year.

Even though we have no idea of when the game will even be announced, much less launched, hopefully Insomniac’s Twitter post actually is a tease that we’ll be seeing the game soon.