Sumo Digital Is Working On Unannounced “Multiplayer Action Title”

There is a new multiplayer action game in development at Sumo Digital either for Sony or Microsoft for next-generation consoles.

Sumo Digital is working on something fresh for its fan-base. There is a brand new “3rd-person multiplayer action title” in development. Sumo Digital has known for helping out with games like Crackdown 3, Forza Horizon series, Driver, Dead Space, and more.

Since most games the studio worked on is actually spear-headed by other bigger studios, this title might also be from someone else. Sumo Digital has a great relationship with Microsoft, EA, and others so this game could be from anyone.

We build ground-breaking games and content for some of the world’s biggest publishers including Microsoft, Sony, Apple, and Sega. Sumo Newcastle joined the Sumo Digital family in January of 2018. As a former CCP Games studio, we have a solid history of cutting-edge development, and now with Sumo, a spectacular future of ‘AAA’ game development for some of the biggest and best publishers in the world.

The Studio is looking for a Lighting Artist for this new game. Who the true developer and publisher of the game remain to be seen but if the title is in development at this stage and isn’t announced, it is probably a next-generation game. Since Sumo has had a strong relationship with Sony and Microsoft, it is likely one of the two is behind this title, especially considering the majority of games the studio worked on are for either Sony and Microsoft. But this new game is created on Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 which does indicate that it might not be exclusive to any platform since both Sony and Microsoft usually go with their own proprietary game development tools.

What we know of the game so far is that it is a multiplayer 3rd person action game, and it has “stunning environments.” The lighting artist will be a “core pillar” of the art team at Sumo Digital. He will be responsible for the final feel of the game’s environment. If you are a developer and feel that you are up to the task, head over to the link above to apply for the position.

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