Sumo Digital Acquiring The Chinese Room, Creator of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

Only just a press release declared that The Chinese Room has come under one the studios of Sumo Digital. Sumo Group’s Cheif Executive Officer, Carl Cavers confirmed the acquisition earlier today. Representatives from both groups exchanged their words in the press release.

Carl Cavers shared his contentment over this union:

I am really pleased that Dan has chosen to join Sumo Group. We believe Dan’s renowned creative abilities will add real value to Sumo Group. The Chinese Room has an outstanding reputation and its acquisition will enhance and extend Sumo Digital’s capabilities. Having a studio in the south of England opens new doors for the Group and we are confident that it will create exciting opportunities.

Creative Director at The Chinese Room also expressed his gladness by saying:

I’m thrilled to be joining Sumo Digital, a network of studios I’ve got a huge amount of respect for. Sumo will provide the support and experience I’m looking for to take The Chinese Room to the next level. Our aim is to build on the reputation I’m proud to have earned, to create a truly world-class studio delivering bold, imaginative new games. We’re already working on some really fantastic new concepts, alongside discussions with partners about some of the games we already have in the pipeline. The future of the studio is incredibly exciting and being part of the Sumo family is absolutely central to that.

Meanwhile.MD at Sumo Digital stated his admiration for The Chinese Room too:

I’m delighted that Dan is joining Sumo Digital, and very much looking forward to The Chinese Room continuing to create the unique, innovative games they are known and loved for.

Sumo Digital now has made The Chinese Room their fifth studio and are continuing to grow rapidly. However, the criticism received by the acquired video game publisher might put a question mark on whether Sumo Digital made the right decision or not. Besides, the acquired company have had some terrible decisions made in the past too. Let’s see if other video game publisher or specifically CD Projekt Red have something to say to them just like before.

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