Sucker Punch Working With Samurais For Ghost of Tsushima, Makes Perfect Sense

It seems to be that the devs, Sucker Punch have been working, hand in hand with a real Samurai for Ghost of Tsushima, making it as amazing as it promices.

One of the reasons, why PS4 has a huge fan base is because of the exclusive games that land on it. Games like God of War, The Last of Us and the upcoming game Ghost Of Tsushima, Sucker Punch is working on.

It’s not just those games, it is the fact that the studios of these games have always had worked on a whole new level, in making such games. Like the recently discovered fact that the devs have been working, hand in hand with a real Samurai for Ghost of Tsushima.

Just recently Sucker Punch took to its Twitter account and posted a picture, in which we can see two Samurai warriors. Alongside they shared the enthusiasm that it has been a true honor, for the studio to work with legit Japanese Samurais.

Suker Punch it self-needs little introduction, still for those who are not familiar they would definitely be familiar, with their previous work. It is a studio behind the one and only Infamous franchise.

The breathtaking visuals in Ghost of Tsushima, at E3 2018 really shook not only the fans off their seats but those, who have very little interest in games. The amazing graphics, brilliant artwork and direction, and now the much anticipated Samurai theme all add to a huge promise this game brings in.

As most of the fans would already know that the game is set in Feudal Japan, during the Mongol invasion time, so you know that Samurai theme is going to be the driving force behind it. It is a huge assurance that the studio is working with a real-life Samurais, so they are able to bring in the real experience as genuine as it possibly could be.

So it is really an assurance to know that the studio, is not only working in depth on other details like making the world, as dynamic as they can and such but rather, on character details that are associated with the Samurai theme.

This is not the only time, Sucker Punch has taken a dive when concerned with every last detail of the game, to be as brilliant as it could be.

They also consulted a Ghost Of Tsushima anime, to get a better idea on the time period and how the things should pan out. So for the fans out there, you don’t need to break a sweat on this one, as it will hopefully be delivering on the promises, it is committing to.