Study Shows Most Gamers Prefer Single Player Games

According to a recent study by QUALTRICS , gamers prefer single player games over multiplayer experiences like Destiny and TitanFall.

Single player portion of video games is what started it all. The games we now see featuring state-of-the-art visuals, story writers, musicians, is all the result of successful storytelling in video games for the past 4 decades.

Times are changing and we are seeing more and more multiplayer centric games like TitanFall, Destiny etc. Although these games have been pretty successful and have made millions, they have been criticized for not having a proper story mode or single player campaign.

According to a recent study conducted by QUALTRICS, majority of gamers still prefer single player games over multiplayer. 500 players participated in the survey that revealed:

Fifty-six percent of the respondents were male and the largest age group in the survey pool was 25 to 34…The survey found that action/adventure games were the most popular genre, with 57% of respondents saying that they liked them.

When respondents were asked what their favorite games were, Candy Crush, Call Of Duty and Madden were the most commonly listed titles. The majority of people surveyed prefer solo gameplay (67%), compared to 23% who prefer multiplayer games…For deciding what made a game good or bad, the “look and feel” of the game dominated with 65% of those surveyed responding that it was important…

There was no need for a survey because the trend in the industry is pretty clear. Multiplayer games, no matter how well made they are, need a single player campaign to really appeal to the audience. Meanwhile, a decent single player game like The Witcher 3 doesn’t need the support of multiplayer modes.

It is more than safe to say that gamers prefer single player games over multiplayer but yes, multiplayer is a great plus to have in most games.

Tell us, what type of games do you prefer? Single player, multiplayer, or single player with a decent multiplayer mode?

Source: Forbes

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