Strider PC Crashes, Errors, Low FPS, Performance and Graphics Fixes

I was pretty disappointed when Strider got canceled in 2009 due to economical issues. However, when Capcom announced the reboot again, I was pretty sure that the historic franchise would now get the good treatment it deserves.

Now when the game is out on PC along with the other platforms, fans aren’t wasting any time to get their hands on it. The game, however, has got some problems that may spoil the fun for you. Some of these problems can be resolved by using fixes and temporary workarounds.

So if you are looking for a fix for any problem related to Strider, feel free to browse through the following troubleshooting listing.

#1 Strider Missing Executable
If you can’t find the “.exe” file after the download is complete, make sure that your firewall isn’t blocking or reporting the file to be malicious (which of course is a false positive).

You can also try verifying the integrity of the game files via Steam to resolve the problem.

#2 Strider D3D error While Loading
If you are getting this error during the loading screen or even at the launch, you should go to the game’s directory and run vcredist_x64.exe in the common-redist folder.


If the problem still persists, also try running the directx setup from the same folder.

It should also be noted that the game won’t work if you don’t have a hardware that supports DX 11. Installing the software only won’t cut it. Yes, you can curse Double Helix if you want but that’s how it is for the time being.

#3 Strider Resolution/Scaling Issues
Multiple users have reported that they were unable to run the game properly at 1080p or their native resolution. The scaling issues can be annoying especially on laptops.

So, if you are experiencing this problem, go to your Nvidia control panel and set the refresh rate to 59hz instead of 60hz. Furthermore, try disabling the scaling option from the control panel.

#4 Strider ‘The Game Crashes at Launch
The start-up crash could be due to multiple reasons. Make sure that you have the following points checked:

  • The game does not support 32-bit OS so if you are using one, it will keep crashing on your PC.
  • Your antivirus/security tool could also mark the game’s “.exe” file as a threat which ofcourse is a false positive so try disabling the software momentarily to see if the problem is fixed.
  • Any overlaying tools like fraps or dxtory can also result into game being crashed.

#5 Strider ‘The Game Not Being Saved
If you want all of your progress to be saved properly, you need to make use of save points because that’s how Strider’s save system works. If you quit out of the game abruptly, you are most likely to loose all your progress during the session.

#6 Strider ‘Poor Performance/Low FPS
First thing you need to do is check if your performance increases on lowering the graphics settings.

If you are positive that your system is good enough, make sure that the game is using the dedicated video memory than the integrated one (usually happens with laptops). High-performance Nvidia processor will definitely improve the performance.

I will also recommend that you try lowering down your screen’s refresh rate 59hz. Some users have reported that lowering down the refresh rate fixed the performance issues.

#7 Strider Steam Overlay Not Working
You need to disable 3rd party overlaying tools like Fraps or Dxtory to make the Steam Overlay to work.

#8 Strider ‘How to Customize Controls
If you are not happy with the default controls settings, you can customize them by editing the config file (pcinput) in the game’s folder. You need to open the file using a text editor and you can change the keys according to your wish.

If you come across any other issues, comment and we will help you out!

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