Street Fighter V Won’t Abandon Linux and SteamOS, Releasing in Spring

Good news for the linux owners as Street Fighter V has been announced to arrive on the platform as well along with SteamOS.

Aspiring fighting game players that don’t have access to a Windows PC or a Playstation 4 are in luck this spring, because Street Fighter V has been announced to arrive on Linux and SteamOS this Spring.

Capcom’s long silence on the matter of a possible port to either system at first worried gamers (especially since Linux players missed out on playing Batman: Arkham Knight due to Warner Bros. abandoning the Linux port) but now this sliver of information has slated the two ports for a release sometime in spring.

Street Fighter V is the latest release in Capcom’s genre-defining Street Fighter series, and features the return of many familiar characters such as Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Bison, Dhalsim, and more.

The source of multiple memes on the Internet such as the signature moves of the game’s most popular fighters (“Shoryuken!” and “Hadouken!”), Street Fighter V has spawned a genre giant that has had its ups and downs.

However, since its last main iteration—2008’s Street Fighter IV — fans have been itching for any sort of news dealing with a new version. Adding that to Ryu’s guest appearance in Super Smash Bros. 4 for Wii U (alongside other characters such as Lucas from Earthbound and, most recently, Bayonetta from Platinum Games’s hugely successful character action series) and anticipation has been extremely high. Capcom has also released multiple introduction videos for each of the game’s fighters to promote the game.

The new version will be gifted free to any owner of the PC version of Street Fighter V, and are also including Steam controller support for the release. Street Fighter V is due to be released tomorrow on PC.

The game will also feature cross-platform play between Playstation 4 and Windows systems, allowing players from each system to be able to play one another.

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