Street Fighter V Will Be Supported for the Next 6-7 Years: Yoshinori Ono

Capcom supported Street Fighter IV for a long time with DLCs and special editions. It supported it to a point where fans thought there may never be another Street Fighter game.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case and Capcom announced Street Fighter V not too long ago. The game will release soon on PlayStation 4 and PC, but Capcom plans to support SFV the same way it supported Street Fighter IV. According to Yoshinori Ono, Street Fighter V will be around for the next 6-7 years.

We’re going to be constantly supporting this for the next six, seven years, like we did with Street Fighter IV.

This is great news for people who like such release models and if Capcom can keep things fresh for 7 years, what’s the harm in it?

Ono also talked about some of the overly sexulized characters in Street Fighter V. He commented on the concerns fans had regarding such characters:

You may have seen sometime ago, for R. Mika’s Critical Art cutscene, the camera angle was changed a bit, and we made some other changes with how the camera angles worked with the characters, and that was one of our answers to some of this feedback. On the flip side, the hardcore fans attack my Twitter account with lots of f-bombs.

Ono further said that he does not want to offend anyone and want to create a game that everyone enjoy. Couldn’t agree more with him on that one.

Source: GameStop

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