Street Fighter V Stress Test is Over, Servers Closed for PS4 and PC

Street Fighter V Stress Test for PS4 and PC is now over. Capcom has closed the servers after just a few hours. Beta will start on December 18.

Capcom announced a new stress test for Street Fighter V PC and PS4 that opened up for just a few hours today. Fans were happy to see that both platforms are included this time.

It was a good test run and many gamers participated; but the test has now come to a close.

The actual beta will go live on December 18 and it looks like Capcom wanted to make sure servers are ready for the beta test later this month.

On December 18 will mark the start of the third beta and here are the details.

kicks-off on 12/18 12:01 AM PT (8:01 AM GMT) until 12/20 @ 10 PM PT (12/21 @ 6 AM GMT).

What can you expect from the beta? Well, here are the details:

Ranked Match
Fight for glory and status in high stakes matches!

Casual Match
Enjoy more casual matches without pressure.

Improve your skills against a training dummy with a variety of options and settings.

Capcom Fighters Network (CFN)
Check out the latest leaderboard rankings, search for replays, and rivals.

Battle Setting
Customize your character profile and button configuration, among other options.

Manage the screen and sound settings.

Capcom also released a patch of 2.3GB for PC yesterday which we now know was related to this stress test.

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