Street Fighter V Season 3 Will Feature 4 Legacy and 2 New Characters

Zeku was the last character to be announced for the ongoing second season of Street Fighter V, meaning that it is time to start speculating about what is in store for the fighting game community when the third season officially commences.

In another round of data mining, prominent community member “X-Kira” discovered (via EventHubs) that Capcom is bringing back at least four legacy characters in the upcoming new season. These will be accompanied by two new characters for Street Fighter V.

Provided that the information is correct, Capcom will begin the third season by announcing a legacy character. That will be followed by a new character, two more returning fighters, the second new character, and then the final legacy inclusion to conclude the year.

The identity of the characters are yet unknown. However, Sagat seems to be a front-runner for the pack. The walking mountain of muscles was referenced in an artwork piece for the recently announced Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. There is also a new stage set in Thailand hidden deep in the game. Sagat may actually be the first legacy character that will be announced later this year.

There are also strong rumors for the return of Sakura. The same source, which accurately predicted the roster for the second season, believes that C. Viper from Street Fighter IV; Necro, Oro, and Q from Street Fighter III will not return for the next season.

Capcom is expected to announce the third season when it hosts Capcom Cup at PlayStation Experience (PSX) in December. The developer commenced with the second season in the same month last year. However, since Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is releasing on January 16, the new season might be delayed until then.

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