Street Fighter V Manages 1.6 Million Lifetime Sales, an Improvement

Despite severe criticism and surrounding negativity, Capcom somehow continues to push Street Fighter V into the hands of the masses. The notion is both unfortunate and commendable, when considering the value of the brand and how the developer has handled feedback.

Released in February last year, Street Fighter V reached 1.5 million sales at the end of December. Since then, the latest installment in the iconic franchise has shifted an additional 100,000 units to cross the 1.6 million threshold.

The feat is impressive when considering that the game only managed 100,000 units between May and December last year. However, it achieved the same numbers in half the time this year.

The weak debut has not forced the developer to shift its focus from competitive gaming. Street Fighter V was rushed into the marketplace, without several features considered standard in a fighting game, only because Capcom wanted to explore the esports realm as soon as possible. However, even professional players have been on record on how the new installment pales in comparison to its predecessor.

Capcom considers the success of esports as a major part of its business plan and expects Street Fighter V to grow significantly in the coming years. The Capcom Pro Tour, as well as third-party tournaments, continue to see a large amount of participants. The public may despise how Capcom has handled the release of the game, but they keep coming back out of sheer love for the franchise.

We are currently into the second season of the game. Ed was recently announced as the next playable downloadable character. His fighting style is a mixture of traditional boxing, with a few kicks and projectiles that are based on his inert psycho powers. Ed is a unique addition to the roster because his special move inputs are designed for simplicity and accessibility.

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