Street Fighter V Lost Majority of Its Initial Active Player-Base

Compared to its predecessors, Street Fighter V has witnessed a rather lackluster adoption rate due to numerous reasons which mostly fall on Capcom. The new installment in the iconic fighting game franchise is now losing its active player-base at an alarming rate.

According to data provided by V-League, over 75 percent of players stopped playing after the first dozen or so matches. Additionally, a large portion of the community which was active at the initial time of release has dropped its controllers entirely.

“It’s [Street Fighter V] not building a community and doesn’t bring fresh blood,” said an official spokesperson to PVP Live. “That’s not good for business, or the players.”

Based on an illustrated chart provided by the data analyst firm, an astonishing number of players are currently ranked below Silver. About 60 percent of the game’s player-base resides in the Rookie tier while close to 40 percent is in Bronze.

It’s highly speculated that new players are finding it extremely difficult to understand the game. Street Fighter V is already subject to mounting criticism regarding its ranking system, matchmaking, and an unstable online network. However, it appears that newcomers are also struggling to find any lasting appeal that convinces them to stay. This is concerning for both the player-base and Capcom.

Street Fighter V was pushed last year with the sole goal of creating a thriving esports circle. If the active player-base is leaving and newcomers are turning away, Street Fighter V will never manage to create a bolstering community which is essential to not only every online game but also for a healthy competitive environment.

We’re into the second season of Street Fighter V. Last month, Capcom introduced new measures to battle rage-quitters. Such players are now labelled with a new skull icon and are only matched against similar salty opponents. Additionally, rage-quitters face severe League Point reduction and temporary matchmaking restrictions.

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