Street Fighter V 4K Gameplay Looks Stunning, Watch Some Here

The videos we’ve seen so far show so far for Street Fighter V have looked very impressive. To see it at its best though, take a look at the new video featuring Street Fighter V 4K gameplay.

The first thing you’ll notice from the video is how sharper the graphics look, which is no surprise. You’ll have to turn the video settings up full to see the game at its best though. This Street Fighter V 4K video was put together by CramGaming, and as they say the results are very sexy.

Looking at the hardware they had to use to push the game to look this good, it takes beast of a graphics card (GTX 980 Ti). This keeps the 4K graphics up at 60 frames per second. They say that with a powerful machine it was fairly easy to run the game at these visuals, which should be good news for PC players.

When the game releases on PlayStation 4 and PC on February 16, we’ll probably see many PC players try to replicate what we see in the video for themselves. We’ll no doubt get confirmation on how well the game runs pretty much straight away. Based on this Street Fighter V 4K footage, it may have a few PlayStation 4 players jealous by the results. Though I’m sure they’ll also be too busy playing to care.

It will be interesting to see what the final version of the game runs like both on console and on PC, and if it was a good idea to release the game on PC straight away. Hopefully this will be a release without any of the previous bugs we’ve seen in some other releases.

What are your thoughts on how the Street Fighter V 4K showcase? Let us know in the comments section below.

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