Street Fighter Easter Egg Discovered in Hearthstone, References Guile

When Journey to Un’Goro released for Hearthstone this month, it introduced a particular card that carries a reference to a popular Street Fighter character.

Stormwatcher is a neutral common minion card that can be either crafted or obtained through the latest expansion pack. The elemental being features a high cost of seven mana, and four/eight attack/defense numbers. In addition, it has Windfury, allowing it to attack twice every turn.

Stormwatcher is rarely seen outside of the Arena, where it is considered as a fairly good minion based on its high health and ability. Thanks to a recent discovery, Hearthstone players just might start including the minion in their decks.

Whenever Stormwatcher attacks, it shouts “Sonic Boom!” Those familiar with the Street Fighter series would know that the shout is the trademark name of one of Guile’s signature attack moves.

How soon before Blizzard introduces a card that shouts “Hadouken?”

Guile is currently one of the best characters in Street Fighter V and has even convinced Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, the most storied player in the fighting game community, to drop his signature character for the United States Air Force Major.

As for Hearthstone, the community continues to grind away in the hopes of completing their decks. Newcomers to the free-to-play card game are especially having a tough time, being forced to collect not only the new cards but the old ones as well.

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